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10 Totally Awesome Baby Gifts That Aren't Diapers

BY: Shannon Grilli | Sep 25, 2017

Shopping for baby shower gifts is easy—after all, that's what the registry is for. But once the new bundle of joy has made his or her appearance in the world, buying baby gifts can be a little trickier. After all, a baby can't tell you what kinds of things he or she likes or wants, and mom and dad likely have all the practical baby care items they need. So what exactly do you buy for someone who can't yet walk or talk, but still needs plenty of stimulation? Our guide to gifts for babies has plenty of great ideas.

Baby Genius Flip up Sound Phone Teeth-able Antenna ($8.99)

Yes, kids these days really are getting their own phones at a younger and younger age. Luckily, this one won't eat up any minutes. Instead, the simulated flip phone will entertain baby with bright colors and sounds, while also teaching him how to identify different shapes.

Wood Puzzles with Organizing Rack (from $21.99 for a Set of 6)

These colorful wooden puzzles come with pieces that each have a peg, making them easy for little hands to grasp. Best of all, when playtime is done, the puzzles can go into their handy storage rack, instead of staying on the floor.

Lovespun Waterproof Baby Bibs ($11.99 for a 4-Pack)

Parents will love that these waterproof plastic bibs can be wiped off with a damp rag, while babies will love the bright colors and adorable animal designs.

Inflatable Baby Water Mat ($8.99)

Think of this soft and squishy toy as an aquarium filled with exotic fish that you don't have to feed. Baby will love watching the sea creatures swim around when she squeezes the mat, ideally while having some much-needed tummy time.

Hey! Play! Foam Shapes Puzzle Learning Mat ($17.99 for 56-Piece Set)

This gift is technically three baby gifts in one: a soft play mat, a puzzle, and a learning tool for teaching babies and young kids about shapes and colors.

Baby Genius Step-To-Dance Piano Mat ($22.99)

Don't be fooled by the keyboard—this musical play mat actually plays six different instrument sounds, plus four character sounds. It also has audio recording and playback capabilities, which will come in handy when junior is refining his Tom Hanks impersonation.

Pacifier Thermometer ($15)

This might not be one of our most fun baby gift ideas, but we think baby will find that having her temperature taken this way is way more fun than the—ahem—traditional baby thermometer method.

Little Box of Books: 10 First Learning Books for Toddlers ($8.99)

You're never too young to appreciate a good book, and this 10-piece board-book set is a perfect choice for babies who are just beginning to recognize different shapes, colors, numbers, and animals.

Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle 'N Swing ($289.99)

Experienced parents will tell you that when it comes to dealing with a fussy baby, nothing soothes and comforts like a swing. We like this model since it can swing from side to side, as well as forward and back, and also comes with an adorable puppy seat pad that can be thrown in the wash when dirty.

Squooshi Reusable Food Pouch ($19.99 for 6-Pack)

Ideal for moms who make handmade baby food, these reusable dishwasher-safe food pouches are made of BPA- and PVC-free plastic, and even boast a bottom zipper for easy filling, rinsing, and drying.