The Best Burger in Every City: Part 1

BY: Shannon Grilli |Jul 25, 2018

You might have heard about the best burger in Chicago or New York City, but what about the burgers in Cleveland? Or Greensboro? Or Toronto? Or any place in Canada for that matter? Here at The Guide, we think there are a lot of great burgers out there and we won't rest until we've found them all. And so, we're putting together this ever-growing list of top-notch burgers across the U.S. and Canada. Of course, that's a lot of ground to cover, so check back often as we build the world's best burger bucket list. Who knows, your favorite spot just might make our list!

Brown Bag Burgers

Cleveland, OH

There's a lot of competition in the Cleveland burger scene, but we like Brown Bag Burgers for its focus on simplicity and freshness, rather than gimmicks (we're looking at you monstrous towers of toppings). Their American-cheese topped original burger is exactly what a cheeseburger should be: juicy, made-to-order, and thin enough that you don't have to unhinge your jaw to devour it.

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Au Cheval

Chicago, IL

Au Cheval's burger isn't just the best burger in Chicago, it might also be the best burger in America. At least, if you believe the folks at Bon Appetit. If you need more convincing, just look at the lines that form outside this Chi-Town institution, where the wait can be up to three hours long. The burger itself is simplistic perfection, dressed only with American cheese, dijonaise, and house-made pickles, all piled onto a freshly toasted brioche bun.

Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay

Las Vegas, NV

You're here for one burger and one burger only: the Rossini. Yes, it's $60, but this is Vegas and if you aren't ready to embrace the excess this town is known for then why come at all? Seared foie gras and shaved black truffles dress a patty made of Australian kobe-style wagyu beef, and the entire thing is basted in a rich sauce made with more truffles. Totally worth the price tag, especially since you're totally going to win it back at the tables, right?

Huey Burger

Memphis, TN

Memphis Magazine readers have voted Huey's Burger the best in Memphis every year since 1984. The World Famous Huey Burger isn't fancy, but that's exactly what makes it so amazing, since chefs focus on ensuring the meat is perfectly seasoned and the cheese perfectly melty. Of course, there are other fancier burgers on the menu too, if that's more your thing. Whatever you go with, a side order of onion rings is an absolute must.

Matt's Bar

Minneapolis, MN

If you ever read a list of the Best Burgers in Minneapolis that doesn't award Matt's Bar the highest honor, go elsewhere for your burger advice. The birthplace of the Jucy Lucy burger will always be first in most Minneapolitan's hearts and stomachs, and once you taste the iconic cheese-stuffed burger patty, it will be first in yours as well.

Port of Call

New Orleans, LA

Shredded cheese on a burger? What sounds like sacrilege to some is revered by fans of New Orleans' most famous burger, which is hand ground by an in-house butcher, cooked to a perfect medium rare, and topped with a half-pound of Wisconsin cheddar that never really seems to melt.

J.G. Melon's

New York, NY

The loosely-packed beef patty falls apart when you bite into it. The toppings are plain (American cheese, red onion, pickle). And the atmosphere is less than idyllic. Yet somehow this burger still manages to trump every contender it's ever faced. Some say the key is the secret meat blend, which even some of the bar's cooks don't even know.

P'unk Burger

Philadelphia, PA

P'unk's burger might be a controversial choice for cheddar-lovers: the spot's signature cheeseburger comes topped with gouda instead of the orange stuff. But that's okay since weeding out the cheeseburger purists means a shorter wait time for you. Beyond being delicious, this burger is also made from responsibly-sourced ingredients, including grass-fed, humanely-raised beef.

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Slater's 50/50

San Diego, CA

The 50/50 in this spot's name is in reference to the burger patties, which are comprised of 50% beef and... wait for it... 50% GROUND BACON. The rest of the ingredients are up to you: pile on toppings such as slaw, roasted green chile, mashed avocado, and fried egg, then choose a brioche bun, honey wheat, or lettuce wrap to contain your delicious creation.

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Hero Certified Burgers

Toronto, ON

In a world where you are either TeamFastFoodBurger or TeamCraftBurger, Hero Certified Burgers sets itself apart as neutral territory where everyone leaves happy and well-fed. The chain cranks out burgers that are as satisfying as any drive-thru spot, but elevates the art of the quick-burger with top-notch ingredients like hormone-free, 100% angus beef, Emmental cheese, and guacamole.

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