Best Cuban Sandwiches in Miami Under $10

BY: Groupon Editors |Aug 24, 2017

Nightly crowds used to overwhelm street vendors around Havana's nightclubs in their search for hearty food, prompting cooks to invent a simple snack: medionoche sandwiches, named for their popularity around midnight. Today, the medianoche—a roast pork sandwich with sliced pickles, swiss cheese, and two gently toasted pieces of yellow egg bread—is a Little Havana classic.

But it's not the only affordable option—you'll also find pan con bistec, croqueta de preparada, and the famous Cubano. No self-respecting Miamian should try just one. Below, we've listed the best Cuban sandwiches in Miami. Enjoy!

1. Frita at Cuban Guys

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This Cuban street food joint with four locations throughout Miami boasts a number of Cuban sandwiches, but its specialty is the Frita, the "Cuban Hamburger," where a beef patty is tucked inside a classic Cuban roll and packed with onion strings (pictured above). The Guys also offer a slightly different Vaca Frita, with shredded flank steak.

Average price: $4–$6

2. Medianoche at Sergio's

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We're not alone in praising Sergio's—Travel + Leisure also picked Sergio's as the "best cheap food" in Florida. Sergio's has been a Miami mainstay since 1975, and a place where you can try a wide array of Cuban sandwiches, including a classic Cubano, pan con bistec, medianoche, and pan con lechon (with roasted pork).

Average price: $7–$8

3. Cuban at Versailles

Versailles Restaurant calls itself "the most famous Cuban restaurant in the world," and it's a reputation earned by its Cuban sandwich. In fact, its rendition of the sweet ham and roast pork sammy is so famous that it was a minor plot point in the 2014 Jon Favreau film Chef, in which the entree inspires Favreau's character to open a food truck.

Average price: $6–$7

4. Cuban w/ Croquetas at Enriqueta's Sandwich Shop

This Zagat-rated eatery defies tradition by still offering a medianoche sandwich, even though its closes long before sunset. Nevertheless, we recommend the Cubano with croquetas, the ham, pickle, and gooey cheese creation that's pictured above. Food & Wine magazine emphasized the authentic ambience of the Cuban sandwich shop in 2004, saying, "the Formica benches and loud Spanish chatter make you feel that you are, as the locals say, not far from America."

Average price: $6–$7

5. Cuban at Sarussi Cafeteria

The Cuban at Sarussi (also called the "Sarussi Orginal") is a decadent take on the original sandwich, and its garnered a reputation as one of the best Cuban sandwiches in Miami. Instead of Swiss cheese, Sarussi uses mozarella, and it's topped with a vinegar-based "secret sauce." The sandwich attracted the attention of the Travel Channel's Man Vs. Food, and the shop offers a double-stuffed version named after the show.

Average price: $7

6. Croqueta Preparada at Islas Canarias

The chefs here incorporate some international (particularly Spanish) flavors, but their faithfulness to Cuba's most iconic dishes earned it Miami New Times' award for Best Cuban Restaurant in 2011. Try the croqueta preparada, packed with melty cheese and ham-filled croquettes.

Average price: $6–$7

7. Cuban at the Puerto Sagua Restaurant

This bustling diner (circa 1962) is more of a breakfast place, but there's no rule that says you can't eat a Cuban for breakfast. More adventurous visitors might try the croqueta preparada, which is essentially a Cuban sandwich packed with a few meat-stuffed croquettes.

Average price: $8–$9