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Reach for the Sky—Literally, in Denver's Top Yoga Studios

BY: Editors | Apr 7, 2016

Reach for the Sky–Literally, in Denver's Top Yoga Studios

With its plethora of outdoor activities, it’s perhaps no surprise that Denver is consistently ranked among the nation’s fittest cities. But if climbing a mountain doesn’t rank high on our list of things to do in Denver, relax. Yoga studios are plentiful here, and the Denver yoga scene has a style of practice to suit everyone from the beginner to the seasoned backbender. Below, we compiled a list of some of the best yoga spots in town for those who are looking for a way to stay grounded in the Mile-High City.

1. Samadhi Center for Yoga


Both students and teachers assembled the prayer flags that hang from the ceiling of Samadhi’s main studio, where a mural in shades of ocean blue adds to the serene ambience. This is just one reason people feel themselves decompress as soon as they walk through the door. Aside from the usual classes, the studio also offers candlelit yoga, as well as meditation classes.

2. Kindness Yoga

Cherry Creek

For its breadth and depth of classes alone, it’s easy to see why the studio won 5280’s Top of the Town Editor’s Choice in 2014. Between this flagship studio and its three other locations, students stretch and breathe through 350 different classes in a wide range of styles.

3. Vital Yoga


Community is key at this studio, and you’ll see it in the interactions between teachers as well as students. Even the website provides forums for students to connect outside of class. The studio also hosts a family yoga class, as well as workshops and retreats designed to help integrate yoga practice into daily life.

4. Harmony Yoga

Washington Virginia Vale

Students immerse themselves in a yogic lifestyle, not only with Hatha-based classes held in a sunny yellow studio, but also meditation workshops and ayurvedic lifestyle consultations.

5. Iyengar Yoga Center of Denver

Washington Park West

When the entire body is in precise alignment, true transformation happens–this is one of the vital tenets of Iyengar yoga. During these classes, students practice inversions and backward extensions to bring them closer to this; one such class focus specifically on the back. Meanwhile, children’s classes keep little ones in tune with their bodies as they grow.

6. Mudra Yoga Studio

Platt Park

Friends since kindergarten, Mudra’s owners have filled their studio with love and light, as exemplified by the serene, yet whimsical, hand-painted mural, supportive classes, and encouraging and thoughtful staff.

7. The River Power Vinyasa Yoga

Golden Triangle Paragraph

In accessible, or adaptive, yoga classes, students with disabilities learn that they too can stretch and pose. The studio is centered on the idea that yoga is for everyone: kids classes are held concurrently to their parents’ classes, and community classes introduce newcomers to the signature style—power vinyasa, performed in a room heated to 94 degrees.Paragraph

8. 303 B Yoga

Washington Park

With attendees kept to a minimum, the teachers here are able to give each student more focused attention. Smaller classes, they say, also help students stay more mindful and more aware of their bodies.

9. Whole Yoga

City Park West

At this studio, nobody cares what kind of pants you’re wearing; the focus is on the practice. In light of this, class fees are low, teachers encourage students to support one another, and each session includes meditation. Workshops allow students to dig deeper into yogic practice. These include the studio’s immersion program, which introduces them to breathing techniques and philosophies behind each modality.

10. QiFlow

Five Points

Theoretically, one can tap into a yogic state of mind during any activity. Keeping this in mind, classes at this studio blend principles of yoga with other modes of exercise. QiCycle Yoga classes start with students spinning bike wheels and end with a calming vinyasa session; Qi Yoga Sculpt classes, meanwhile, add in weight-training and cardio exercises.