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The Best Gift Baskets

BY: SHANNON GRILLI | 11.20.2017 |

Once upon a time, the contents of a gift basket were pretty standard issue: some crackers and cheese, a tin of mixed nuts, maybe even a summer sausage (if you were lucky). But these days, gift baskets are a lot more impressive, with companies designing the compact, easy-to-transport gifts to suit any special occasion or cater to any hobby. To prove it, we've curated this list of 10 of the best gift baskets available on our site. Of course, if none of them meet your needs, there's always the option to design one yourself.

Relaxing Lavender Bath and Wine Basket

 We all know a busy person who could use a nice bubble bath and a glass of wine, whether it's a new mom or an always-stressed coworker. This spa gift basket includes everything they need for a soothing evening in, including lavender bath salts and soaps, bath accessories, chocolates, cookies, and—perhaps most importantly—a bottle of red.

Click here to buy for $53.99.

Kids Just Wanna Have Fun Care Package

Being sick when you're a kid is hard enough, but no one should have to suffer through boredom along with the chicken pox. This basket is a quick cure for a dull sick day, and comes packed full of toys like Play-Doh and silly string, plus games, candy, and other treats.

Click here to buy for $48.99.

Sunflowers For You Gift Basket

 This basket is perfect for any green-thumbed recipient in your life. Alongside indulgent treats like caramels and wildflower honey are gardening accessories like miniature tools and a wooden birdhouse. Best of all, the "basket" is actually a real 7" clay plant pot that can be used once all the other gifts have been enjoyed.

Click here to buy for $47.99.

It's Game Time Boredom & Stress Relief Gift Set


Kids aren't the only ones who need a distraction when they're sick, and this gift set appeals to all ages. Full-size classic board games like checkers and Yahtzee are accompanied by travel-size activities, plus a host of snacks like microwave popcorn, Oreo cookies, and bags of candy. 

Click here to buy for $48.99.

Patches' Doggie Tower


Just like their people, dogs deserve a basket full of treats sometimes, too. This basket comes filled with tons of stuff for your favorite furry friend, including treats, chew toys, doggie shampoo, and more. There's even an adorable stuffed dog included so that your gift recipient's owner doesn't feel left out.

Click here to buy for $62.99. 

Blockbuster Night Movie Care Package with Redbox Gift Card


These days, you don't even have to leave the house to have an authentic movie-theater experience—especially with this care package around! A $10 Redbox gift card makes it easy to rent the movie of your choice, and the box comes loaded with popcorn and tons of classic movie concessions. 

Click here to buy for $56.99.

Starbucks "Pick Me Up" Gift Crate


It's not exactly the same as having a Starbucks barista working in your kitchen, but it might be the next best thing. In addition to coming filled with a sampler of Starbucks coffees and Tazo teas, this cute wooden basket also includes an assortment of biscotti and cookies, plus a branded Starbucks mug.

Click here to buy for $44.99.

Bath Time Baby New-Baby Basket


This basket makes an excellent baby-shower gift for expecting parents, as it includes everything they'll need for bath time—including the rubber ducks! Other items include a plush, hooded bath towel, washcloths, a brush and comb set, and even a picture frame to hold that "baby's first bath" pic.

Click here to buy for $65.99.

Gentleman's Cigar Chest


Gift baskets for men don't have to be limited to sausage samplers and barbecue sauces. This gift set is designed with the sophisticated dude in mind. Inside he'll find a sampling of cigars—both the real and the chocolate variety—plus savory snacks like stuffed olives and smoked salmon fillets, and sweets like truffles and almond toffee.

Click here to buy for $81.99.

Burgundy and Gold Cutting Board


Bored with baskets? No problem. Instead, this gift set stacks a tower of classic snacks like crackers, cheese, and chocolate atop a wood cutting board. Practical and thoughtful.

Click here to buy for $34.99.