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The Best Halloween Decorations to Buy on a Budget

BY: Sarah Gorr | Oct 4, 2018

October means cooler temps, falling leaves, and the only month where it's socially acceptable to use a skull as a centerpiece on the dinner table. To prep for the 31st, we rounded up some of the best Halloween decorations on our site. You'll find everything from ghoulish lawn decor to creepy shower curtains and even some great cheap Halloween decorations, too. Whatever look you're going for this holiday, be it cute and creepy or truly terrifying, our list of the best Halloween decorations has a little something for everyone.


1. 3D Black Bats Wall Stickers

Have your own colony of these critters flapping about your home. They'll cling to flat walls and glass, just remember they're for indoor use only.

Shop: 15-piece 3D black bats wall stickers ($23.60)


2. Black Spruce Artificial Halloween Tree with Lights

It's too early for a Christmas tree, but how about a Halloween tree? This black spruce prelit with orange lights should do the trick, all it needs is this creepy tree skirt to complete the look.

Shop: Black spruce artificial Halloween tree with lights ($74.99+)


3. "Help Me" Shower Curtain Halloween Decoration

Commit to the spookiest season with this shower curtain that might just be scary enough to make you want to skip the coffee.

Shop: "Help Me" shower curtain Halloween decoration ($26.50)


4. Lil Sweet Vengeance Haunted Doll Halloween Decoration

Lil Sweet Vengeance's name really says it all, dontcha think? Grab this doll and prop her up in any room where you crave feeling deeply unsettled.

Shop: Lil Sweet Vengeance haunted doll Halloween decoration ($99.99)


5. Spooktacular Halloween Inflatable

Dress up your yard for the trick-or-treaters with one of these adorable inflatables. Go big with an eight-foot stacked ghost, witch, bat, and cat ($67.99) or something simpler like the four-foot skeleton ($34.99).

Shop: Spooktacular Halloween inflatable ($34.99+)


6. Goblinlites Solar LED Halloween String Lights

Light up the neighborhood in orange and purple solar lights to let everyone know you definitely have candy and care about the environment.

Shop: Goblinlites solar LED Halloween string lights ($13.99+)


7. Bloody Weapons Garland

Cleavers, knives, hacksaws, and daggers dangle overhead on this festive garland that speaks to your inner Jigsaw.

Shop: 2-pack of Halloween Bloody Weapon garland ($15.99)


8. Crawling Zombie Halloween Decoration

When the motion sensor sets off this little dude, his eyes glow red and he'll start to crawl toward you while a spooky soundtrack plays! Also available in creepy baby . . . shudder.

Shop: Crawling zombie or child Halloween decoration ($34.99)


9. Halloween Paper Lanterns with LED Lights

When it comes to easy Halloween decorations, we're not sure it gets much easier than hanging up a few of these.

Shop: 6-pack of Halloween paper lanterns with LED lights ($15.99)


10. Creature from the Black Lagoon Grave Walker Halloween Decoration

Cool Halloween decorations, step aside because here it is, our pièce de résistance: a real Universal monster, the Creature from the Black Lagoon. We love him so much we're tempted to keep him up all year round!

Shop: Creature from the Black Lagoon Grave Walker Halloween decoration ($143.90)

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