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What’s the Most Groupon Experience on Groupon?

BY: Editors | Mar 30, 2016

For the last five years, Best of Groupon has celebrated the experiences our customers love most. We pore over data on customer satisfaction and deal popularity to find the very best: the restaurants that are neighborhood gems, the salons and spas with the trendiest treatments, the most adrenaline-pumping things to do, and the getaways that make you briefly consider selling the house.

Last year, over 10,000 businesses qualified for Best of Groupon. This year, we’re turning to the country’s most trusted decision-making device—the bracket—to find the “most Groupon” experience on Groupon. Over the upcoming weeks, we’ll face off all of our customers’ favorite experiences as we narrow the nominees from 64 to 1. Track our progress as underdogs bust up brackets and Cinderellas dance all the way to the final.


Best of Groupon Recap & Champion Reveal

After conquering the North, South, East, and West, each of our Final Four competitors seemed ready to take home the championship—and indeed these last matchups were nail biters. Crowds held their breath as a FV433 Abbot tank obliterated a plate of Al Pacino’s favorite meatballs. Others tossed pillows into the air when napping during a massage narrowly beat a zipline tour over Hawaii.

The final round was set, and the courtside atmosphere was a mix of adrenaline and aromatherapy. Taking a nap proved much more than just a lucky Cinderella story, but in the end it came down to this: No matter how tired you are, nothing beats the opportunity to drive a tank. With expert precision, its turret raised and cut down the net, bringing the tournament to a close.

Your Best of Groupon Champion: a tank.

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