12 Unexpected Ways to Turn Your Best Memories Into Custom Keepsakes

Sure, photographs are a great way to capture your life's most important moments. But these days, there are so many other options (and many don't even require a frame!) From a customized cutting board engraved with your wedding date to a mink throw blanket emblazoned with a photo of you on your first skydiving adventure, our personalized gifts shop is filled with creative ways to turn your favorite memories into one-of-a-kind custom keepsakes. Here are 12 of our favorites. As a bonus, they're all pretty affordable too!


Custom Photo Canvas

Turning your favorite memory into a gallery-worthy work of art is easy with websites such as Canvas on Demand. Just upload the photo, and a team of professionals will clean it up, print it on high-quality canvas, stretch it onto a sturdy wooden frame, and ship it directly to your door.


Custom Wall Calendar

Using your treasured photos to create a custom calendar is a great way to remember all the great memories you've made while also looking forward to a year of new ones.

Personalized photo book


Photo Book

From commemorating an event like a wedding or vacation, to compiling photos of a friend and their beloved pet, there are tons of great photo book ideas you could come up with to suit all sorts of gifting occasions.


Custom Star Map

Take any special date, such as a child's birthday or the day you met your SO, and CanvasOnSale will turn it into a unique and special star map that shows exactly how stars, constellations and planets were aligned in that moment in time. It's one way to capture memories that's literally out of this world (sorry).


Personalized Cards & Invitations

Turning your favorite photos into unique and memorable cards and invitations is a great way to show your loved ones what you've been up to without writing a novel. Plus, they look really cute hanging on a fridge. :)


Metal Date Decor

A custom piece of art commemorating a birthday or anniversary isn't just unique, it's also a great way to ensure certain members of the family (ahem) never forget to buy you a gift.


Custom Notebook

Trend alert! Personal planners are all the rage right now, and you can make yours extra personal by uploading your favorite photos onto your choice of four different paper types.


Custom Mug

Personalized keepsakes don't have to be merely sentimental—they can also be totally fun and practical, as evidenced by these custom coffee and tea mugs. 


Custom Luggage tag

A lot of personalized keepsakes are about remembering the good times, but this one is more about all the new memories you're about to make. Best of all, you'll never have a hard time spotting your luggage on the carousel again.


Photo Puzzle

You'll get to relive your favorite memories bit-by-bit each time you put together this custom photo puzzle, which is printed on high-quality wood and available in a number of shapes and sizes.


Custom Home Decor

Framed photos are classic, but our custom decor shop has tons of ways to turn your living space into a shrine of your favorite memories, from photo blankets, to wall hangings, to throw pillows, so let your imagination run wild!


Custom Phone Charger

This adorable wood-framed device isn't just a great way to capture a memory, it's also the nicest looking cell phone charger we've ever seen.

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