A Guide to Cheap Bounce House Rentals to Save Your Kid's Birthday Party Budget

BY: Sarah Gorr |Sep 20, 2022

There's a reason bounce houses have found their way into backyards across the country. With their professionally handled set-up, endless themes, and safe design, cheap bounce house rentals are a convenient way to liven up events. To avoid a bounce house blunder, we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions, as well as some you might not realize you had.

How much is a bouncy house rental?

Bounce house rental cost depends on two main factors: the size of the inflatable and the duration of the rental. A small rental for 6 hours may only cost $100, while an elaborate slide-and-castle setup could cost up to $500. Standard bounce houses typically cost between $100-$250 a day, but you can often find cheap bounce house rentals on our website.

Did you get permission?

No, not from your own mom and dad (though we're sure they'd say yes!), but from the park or town where you intend to set up. Public parks and spaces have varying degrees of regulation when it comes to inflatables, and they may even require you to purchase a permit. Check with your local park services or city website to make sure you're complying with all the rules.

Will the rental be wet or dry?

Some bounce houses have attached slides and other fun add-ons that work great with a splash of water—think "inclined slip 'n' slide." This adds another facet to the planning though: where will you get your water from? Will an afternoon of muddy footprints be too hard on your lawn? Is there room for a designated spot to dry off or keep electronics safe from splashes? Make sure you know the answers to these questions before opening your wallet.

Where will you set up?

A wide-open space is an obvious requirement when it comes to setup, but you should also consider what type of terrain you have available. Different companies have different rules about where you're allowed to set up a kids bounce house, with some requiring a patch of asphalt or concrete, and others preferring grass. (Many if not all will refuse to set up on gravel, sand, or rocky turf, all of which could damage the rental.) Once you have a nice flat space picked out, don't forget to make sure it's clear of debris and pet waste. If you're setting up in the street as for a block party, make sure you've asked people to move their cars out of the way before the rental arrives.

How will you power it?

Inflatables don't work the way a balloon does; they require a constant source of power to be functional. That means you'll need access to a power outlet or a generator. If you won't be near an outlet, there's a good chance the rental company can provide power, but make sure to ask whether that's included in the cost of your rental or will be an additional fee.

Who's the rental for?

In addition to how many people are attending your event, you'll need to know who the rental is intended for. Adults and teens will require sturdier inflatables if they want in on the fun, so make sure you've studied the rental company's website. All reputable companies make bounce house safety their first priority, so they should lay out clearly how many kids and adults can reasonably use each of their offerings. This ensures that everyone can stay safe while having a good time.