Cheap Business Cards — Design Ideas That Feel Like a Million Bucks

BY: Groupon Editors |Aug 28, 2017

Whoever said that cheap business cards have to be low quality? You don't need a corner office and a closet full of fancy suits just to be able to flash a card that could make Patrick Bateman drool. Instead, great deals mean cheap business cards can look every bit as sleek and stylish as those that cost two or three times as much. Just as important as the price is considering the design of your custom business cards and there's one thing you'll need to remember: your card isn't just a rundown of how to reach you, but a reflection of who you are and what you do.

But if you've never created your own business card before, a blank template can be daunting. Are you including too much information or too little? Are you including the right information? And does it even look good? To help you accurately and attractively convey what you're all about in your business card design, we've curated these six main styles.

1. Minimalist

Great for: people just starting out in the workforce or in need of a simple calling card

Minimalist designs forgo bells and whistles for simple, often block-style fonts. Black and white are common, but they're not essential. If you want a clean look like this, some color is okay, but remember to keep it light on text and design elements: just go for the essentials.

2. Classic

Great for: business owners or managers that favor a straight-forward and standardized look

Traditional styles like this involve a bit more design than the minimalist approach, but still err on the side of simplicity. They put the emphasis on the information itself, while forgoing flashiness.

3. Elegant

Great for: people looking to add some flair to their business card, while maintaining a sleek, upscale feel

An elegant design steps things up a bit with the use of refined color palettes, gold foil, or beautiful scripts. This adds a bit more personality to your card without going over the top.

4. Modern

Great for: people in more artistic or creative fields that want to make a bigger impression with their card

Modern designs tend to make a bit more of a statement by incorporating everything from colorful patterns or logos to a completely different card shape such as square or oblong.

5. Quirky

Great for: anyone that wants to make a splashy first impression

Unlike the other options on this list, a quirky card won't work for everyone. These designs show off lots of personality through illustrations and even some humor. You'll want to make very sure that your design fits with your line of work and the response you're seeking.

6. Photography

Great for: photographers and visual artists

The centerpiece of these cards is obvious: your photography! There are still many of designs to choose from, but the biggest decision you'll want to make is whether to pick a style that highlights your single best photo or several. Just make sure not to let it get too cluttered: it's still a small card after all.


  • In addition to your name and phone number, always include your email and professional website. You don't need to include a physical address anymore, unless it's the address of your business or office.
  • Keep your design away from the margins to protect against having text or images cut off.
  • Consider using high-quality paper and finishes. While more expensive, these elements can convey your professionalism and complement your design.
  • Steer clear of overly large typeface—it can come across as cheesy or amateurish.

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