Our 5 Favorite Contour Kits Under $25

BY: Shannon Grilli |Jun 19, 2017

Flip open any fashion magazine or step into any beauty store and you'll discover that the entire world has gone crazy for the contouring kit. But before you max our your credit card on that new 30-piece palette, you should know that it is possible to get just as great results with a cheap contour kit. Below, we picked out some of our favorite cheap contour kits from Groupon Goods and explained why we like them just as much as (or maybe more than) the big guys.

1. Focallure Shimmer Bronzer Highlighters Powder Makeup Contour Concealer

Buy this kit from $5.99

As Emmy-nominated makeup artist Eugenia Weston told us, the average woman really only needs two shades to pull off a contoured look: a neutral brown and a very light highlighting shade. This compact offers both those in one. The matte bronzing powder is also perfectly complemented by just a touch of shimmer in the highlighter, and the entire formula is made with oil-control ingredients, making it perfect for those prone to breakouts. It's also available in three different shades.

2. Contour Concealer Makeup Palette Kit + Flat Top Angle Foundation Brush

Buy this kit from $16.95

Okay, so it may be possible to get away with just a bronzer and highlighter, but to really contour like the pros do, Eugenia recommends three different shades: "a gray-brown shade, a highlight, and a lowlight." This contouring kit fits the bill perfectly with three cream-based shades that suit a range of skin tones. As a bonus, it also includes a flat-angled kabuki brush, the perfect tool for defining those cheekbones.

3. Aesthetica Powder Contour Kit Gift Sets

Buy this kit from $17.99

Three dark matte shades and three different illuminating shimmer powders means you can blend and mix colors to find your perfect match. These palettes are super slim and designed to travel easily. And, if you run out of one specific color, the trays are removable, so you can swap in a new one without needing to replace the entire kit.

4. Contour Cream Kit #6

Buy this kit from $19.95

The 10 shades included here are so universally flattering that you could potentially replace your entire makeup collection with this one cheap contour kit. Blend as many of the shades together as it takes to match your skin tone perfectly, or just use them as standalone concealers, eye shadows, and blushes on days when you're just too lazy to do all that sculpting. We also love that it comes with not one, not two, but three separate kabuki brushes in different sizes.

5. Face-Contouring Makeup Set (3-Piece)

Buy this kit from $24.99

When it comes to options, this 3-piece set can't be beat. Use the creamy concealer stick and shimmer bronzing powder together and pick up the four-shade compact to mix your perfect tone. Or, go for any one of the pieces totally by itself if you're going for a more natural look. Either way, all three pieces are perfect for throwing in a bag or clutch so you can touch up as needed throughout the day.

Prefer to build your own kit? Check out the wide variety of stand-alone bronzers and concealers on Groupon Goods, and be sure to check out our How to Contour guide to learn how to blend your way to flawless cheekbones. 

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