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Cheap Fun Things to Do With Kids This Winter

BY: Editors | Jan 11, 2019

Running out of ideas to get out of the house? Are your kids so cooped up that you're worried they're missing out on time to just be, well, a kid? Well, have no fear, we’ve rounded up plenty of winter activities for kids so that everyone in the family can avoid going stir crazy. Here are some of our favorite cheap, fun things to do with kids in winter.

1. Frolic on an indoor playground.

We can’t all live in a place where the weather is even-tempered all year round. That’s why they made indoor playgrounds, which are one of the best indoor activities for kids out there. This way, they won’t miss out on the excitement of a park even when there’s snow on the ground outside.

2. Visit your local aquarium.

Bring your kids to see the fishies, perhaps there’s even a special exhibit going on during the cold-weather season. If touching a stingray can’t cure the winter blues, what can?

3. See a live children’s show.

Want to command the attention of your little one for +3 hours? See which kids shows are touring near you, whether it’s a concert on ice or the circus. With our deals, you could even spring for souvenirs without breaking the bank.

4. Sharpen those ice skates.

Take advantage of the cold weather! Spend the day skating on an indoor or outdoor rink, depending on the weather and location. Just don’t forget the hot chocolate and marshmallows to warm you up after.

5. Bounce away at a trampoline park.

Indoor trampoline parks are a gift to parents during winter, when it seems like children somehow have more energy than usual. Make it a playdate with another family to split the cost.

6. Head to a children's museum.

How often do your kids get to go to a museum without scheduling constraints of a field trip? Head to your local children’s museum for a full day of fun, designed specifically for kids of all ages.

7. Catch a flick.

Going to the movie theater can add up price-wise, but with our site’s deals you can slash the costs of admission for you and your little ones so everyone can see the latest and greatest animated film.

8. Spend the weekend at an indoor water park.

As if waterparks weren’t exciting enough, see your kid’s eyes light up when they walk into one indoors. Going on a waterslide inside, what could be better? And we’ll bet that you won’t hate floating the lazy river with a cocktail, either, but that’s just a guess.

9. Sign up for an art class.

What’s better than filling a weeknight with a fun activity? That’s right, filling several weeknights with a fun activity. Sign up your kid for music lessons or an art class and watch them build skills into (ideally) a lifelong hobby.

10. Have a bowling night.

Get the whole gang together for a little family rivalry at a good, old-fashioned bowling alley. With our sweet deals, you can even rent out two lanes (one with bumpers) so that everyone can play to their skill level.

11. Have them try a new sport.

Take advantage of the post-holiday deals that your local children’s studios may have. Encourage your kid to try a new, organized sport like an indoor soccer league or a martial arts class. They can learn new skills while they run around and meet new friends.

12. Win prizes at an arcade.

Is it easier (and cheaper) just to buy the knick-knacks? Of course, but that’s too easy and way less exciting. Treat your kid to a day of tokens, games, tickets, and prizes at an arcade.

13. See the animals at the zoo.

Not many people know that zoos are open year round. The animals don’t go on break! Bundle up and give all the critters a visit. Actually, it’s been said animals are known to be more active on cooler days so you may see something extra special.

14. Get your green fix at the conservatory.

Need a little mid-winter pick-me-up? Take the whole family to your local conservatory. See all the different species of plants and flowers and bask in the humidity and warmth. Hint: dress up and take a family photo while you’re there, there’s no better backdrop!

15. Take a ski trip.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a climate where there’s snow (or by a resort that makes fresh powder), then make a day of it! Kids are the fastest (and most excited) learners, due to their low center of gravity and lack of embarrassment when they inevitably fall. We could all learn a little something from them.


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