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10 Cheap Things to Do in Cleveland With Kids

BY: Andy Seifert | Jul 25, 2018

Is it the summer, a snow day, or the weekend? If it's one of these scenarios, you might be responsible for keeping your kids occupied, and that can be daunting. Luckily, if you live in northern Ohio, there are plenty of kids activities in Cleveland that you can choose from.

Don't believe us? Here are 10 cheap things to do in Cleveland with kids to get you started:


1. Air Guitar at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Take your kid to see "the most comprehensive repository of materials relating to the history of rock and roll." Families can expect an in-depth exploration of the history of modern music, through artifacts such as performance costumes, instruments used by superstars, and long-lost recordings of best-loved songs. Plus, kids age 5 and under are free, while admission for age 6–12 is only $14.


2. Jump Around all Day at Sky Zone

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There exists an activity that might actually wear your kids out (somehow, we can tell you're skeptical). It's jumping to their heart's content inside the wall-to-wall trampoline half-pipe at Sky Zone, which boats two Cleveland locations. Kids can go nuts during a 90-minute jump pass, or join a game of ultimate dodgeball or ultimate volleyball. Sky Zone's finishing touch is the Foam Zone, a giant pit filled with foamy blocks and ensuring a fun yet gentle landing.

3. Try a New Game at Tabletop Board Game Cafe

At Tabletop Board Game Cafe, kids and parents alike enjoy a menu of comfort food that includes grilled sandwiches on fresh baked bread and, for brunch, mini donuts and housemade waffles. But the real reason to stay is the board games—the restaurant's collection of more than 1,000 games is ever-growing as staff are constantly adding new ones to their roster. So gather around a classic game of Battleship or Chutes and Ladders, or learn to play something new.


4. Go On a Cleveland Scavenger Hunt

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Solve riddles and ponder clues while taking part in a 2-hour self-guided scavenger hunt from These curated scavenger hunts are a fun, educational way to see Cleveland's attractions and historical sites. You'll learn more about the Forest City, discover the town's hidden treasures, and get a little extra exercise along the way.


5. Feed Their Sweet Tooth at Honey Hut

It's the easiest card to play: take your kids to an ice cream shop. And Honey Hut is perhaps Cleveland's best. In 1974, when Frank and Marianne Page converted an old shoe repair an ice cream shop, they only served two flavors: vanilla and chocolate. But it wasn't until they created their signature flavor, Honey Pecan, that they knew they were on to something. To this day, they still create flavors together—all sweetened with honey and based on local, seasonal ingredients.


6. Bounce Off Each Other at Neo Bubble Soccer

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Some kids activities in Cleveland look fun, but Neo Bubble Soccer might be the only one that looks like an absolute blast. Participants climb inside of giant inflatable bubbles, then play a rousing game of soccer, all whilst harmlessly bouncing off of one another. Run around with the bubble as protection, or let someone else roll you around with you inside.


7. Meet the Animals at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Your kid'll love a little get-together with a troop of bornean orangutans and 600 other tropical animals at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, perhaps the country's best place see primates. In the African Savanna, they can even feed the giraffes, or watch elephants saunter from one yard to the next at the African Elephant Crossing.

8. Amuse Yourselves at Big Fun Toy Store

This long-beloved toy emporium stocks its colorful shops with retro knick-knacks and classic collectibles, ranging from peace-sign sunglasses to mini armies of muscled soldiers. Harness the power of plastic warriors with Thundercats action figures, or dust off your neocortex with a Rubik's cube. Your kid'll love all the different toys, while you'll get lost in a playground of nostalgia.


9. Ride a Pony at Pony Tales Farm

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Ponies: the word alone conjures images of dainty, cute lil' horses frolicking around a green field. And unlike unicorns, ponies are real! Meaning your equine-obsessed kid can go ride one at Pony Tales Farm. The farm's "Junior Pony Camps" teaches kids as young as two how to care for, feed, and ride the ponies.


10. Root for the Indians at Progressive Field

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Maybe it's the prospect of catching a foul ball—or maybe it's simply getting to eat hot dogs day—but kids of all ages tend to love an afternoon or evening at the ballpark. It doesn't hurt that the Cleveland Indians have become a perenially competitive team, with a great chance at making the playoffs. Plus, your childen will dig the stadium's Kids Clubhouse (complete with an interactive locker room and a scaled-down baseball field), making a trip to Progressive Field one of the best things to do in Cleveland with kids.


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