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The 10 Coolest Manicures in Cleveland

BY: Kelly MacDowell | Jul 13, 2015
The 10 Coolest Manicures in Cleveland

There’s no shortage of great Cleveland nail salons. So on any given day, you’re bound to shake or high-five a hand bedecked with an amazing manicure. We scoured Facebook and Instagram to find the coolest manicures from some of the best nail salons in Cleveland. Here are 10 of our favorites.

1. The Tri-Tone Mani

tri tone mani

Manicure by Vanity Lab in Westlake 

We’ve seen a manicure with two polishes, or even five, but never three. Not only is the idea fresh, but so are the color choices—bonus points for matching the thumbnail to the watchband.

2. The BFF Mani

bff mani

Manicures by Quintana’s Barber & Dream Spa in Cleveland Heights 

Growing up usually means ditching the best-friend necklaces. But we love the idea of matching manicures. Call your bestie and your best nail salon like now.

3. The Bedazzled Bride

bedazzled bride

Manicure by Dante Lucci Salon in Rocky River 

Instead of getting a ho-hum french mani, this bride went for the bling. The pink is just the right amount of bright, and the multicolored crystals are almost as sparkly as her ring.

4. The Wear-Your-Heart-on-Your-Hand Mani

heart mani

Manicure by Jackie Ray’s Studio in Mayfield Heights 

Here’s another unique (and adorable!) take on wedding-day nails: barely-there nude paired with a single red heart on the bride’s engagement-ring finger.

5. The Modern-Art Mani

modern art mani

Manicure by Jackie Ray’s Studio in Mayfield Heights 

There’s no doubt the purple pointillist design on this manicure would look right at home in the Impressionism wing of the museum. The clean white base coat is a nice canvas for the boldly colored dots.

6. The Stiletto-and-Sparkles Mani

stiletto mani

Manicure by Nail Boutique in Cleveland 

Stiletto nails and nail art is probably a bit much for most people. But not if you get a bold design on just one finger per hand. Besides—there’s still plenty of drama in the deep purple on the other eight digits.

7. The Flower-Power Mani

flower power mani

Manicure by Toe Ink in Chardon 

OK, so there’s probably no such thing as a manicure that comes with a puppy. (If there is, please let us know.) But this pup is a perfect complement to this gal’s super cute ring-finger flowers.

8. The Black-and-White Mani

black and white mani

Manicure by Polizhed in Shaker Heights 

Not only do we love how chic this black-and-white color palette is, but we also love the subtle differences in the nail-art designs.

9. The One-Off Ombre

ombre mani

Manicure by Polizhed in Shaker Heights 

If you don’t want to go all-out with your nail art, ask your manicurist for some neon ombre on just two fingers. It looks great paired with the bright-coral polish pictured above.

10. The Mismatched Mani

mismatched mani

Manicure by Polizhed in Shaker Heights 

Who says your manicure has to have a cohesive color story? We like the contrast of the neon pink and the soft yellow. It’s sort of like colorblocking, but on your nails.