Closet Organizer Ideas: 13 Ways to Get Your Clothes in Order and Keep Them That Way

Your closet should make you feel this serene.

We’ve got tips on how to organize your closet, but we also tapped professional organizer Amy O’Donnell for her tips on storage and closet products to keep your space uncluttered. Here are some of her favorites, along with some of our own.



Adjustable Closet System

If your closet is totally barebones, start with one of these systems that can be configured to meet your needs. “You’d be shocked at what adding a shelf or taking out a closet bar can do!” says Amy.


Double Hanging Bar Closet Rod

Amy says this is “a must-have for a small bedroom closet outfitted only with a single bar.” She suggests hanging shirts on top, and pants and skirts on the bottom.


Velvet Space-Saving Hangers

These sleek hangers keep clothes from falling off and have a slimmer profile than run-of-the-mill plastic hangers.


Hanging Jewelry And Trinket Organizer

A clever, space-saving way to store jewelry and to see it all at once when getting dressed.


Foldable Drawer Dividers

These don’t just have to live in drawers; they’re are also good on shelves to help keep small items—such as jewelry, socks, and ties—organized.


Hanging Handbag Organizer

Hang this organizer from your closet rod for quick view and handy storage of purses, backpacks, and other medium-sized items.


Over-the-Door Wall Hanging 36-Pair Shoe Rack

That space behind the door is valuable real estate when you’re living in a small space. Put it to good use with one of these.


Hanging Closet Shoe Organizer

This hangs right from the rod, as a convenient way to add mobile shelf space if the over-the-door option doesn’t fit your closet. You can use these for shoes, as well as tank tops and sweaters, even scarves, hats, and handbags.


Vacuum Storage Bags

Vacuum storage is a space-efficient way to store out-of-season clothes, keeping winter sweaters fresh and free of moth-holes. These come with a pump in case you don’t have a hose vacuum.


Over-the-Door Hanger

Another way to use that underappreciated behind-the-door real estate is to install one of these, and hang coats, hoodies, and other often-used items from it.


Stackable Shoe Storage Box

Amy loves these for shoes, yes, but also for other small items such as jewelry, smaller handbags, and scarves. They’re clear, so you don’t have to dig through multiple boxes to find what you need.


Fabric Baskets

These are great for socks, underwear, and other small items.


Divided Tray

Stash these on a shelf for easy access to jewelry.

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