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Let's face it: that old adage "it's the thought that counts" was obviously made up by someone who had just received a truly terrible gift. But to be fair, it's virtually impossible to come up with great gift ideas all the time, especially with such a seemingly endless calendar of gift-giving occasions. If only there was some ultimate gift guide you could consult to help find the perfect gift for any event.

Luckily, our editorial staff is on the case. Here, we've compiled links to all of our very best gifts and gift guides, so you never have to hear "it's the thought that counts," ever again.

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Father's Day
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Expert Picks

Real people tell us the Father's Day gifts they're most excited to give or receive. 

man detailing a car

Sarah Gorr

Sarah Gorr

Guide Editor

An auto detail for your car

"My dad loves his cars only slightly less than he loves me. He also loves practical gifts. A detail checks both boxes and he pretty much always wants one!"

Star Wars ice tray

Karl duHoffmann

Karl duHoffmann

Co-owner, Orchard Hill Cider Mill

Star Wars Ice Trays

"After 22 years of fatherhood I am aware that every day is an epic adventure, and that I need the force to be with me. So fun ice cubes when I enjoy a dram at the end of the day will always remind me of my boys!"

horses racing on track

John Flaherty

John Flaherty

Guide Editor

A trip to the Race track

"The race track is a great option for bigger groups wanting a less structured outing. You’re pretty free to roam, and many tracks have a variety of areas and activities that extend well beyond the races."

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