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Let's face it: that old adage "it's the thought that counts" was obviously made up by someone who had just received a truly terrible gift. But to be fair, it's virtually impossible to come up with great gift ideas all the time, especially with such a seemingly endless calendar of gift-giving occasions. If only there was some ultimate gift guide you could consult to help find the perfect gift for any event.

Luckily, our editorial staff is on the case. Here, we've compiled links to all of our very best gifts and gift guides, so you never have to hear "it's the thought that counts," ever again.

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Expert Picks

Real people tell us the holiday gifts they're most excited to give or receive. 

Tsum Tsum Marvel or Disney Advent Calendar

Tigana Cain

Tigana Cain

Groupon Goods Buyer


"This is a unique holiday gift item for kids! It is weeks of fun as kids open each day to review small toys."

Calming Comfort Weighted Blanket by Sharper Image

Sarah Gorr

Sarah Gorr

Guide Editor


"I wanna feel like I'm being constantly hugged. While I watch Netflix in my wintry cocoon."

Apple MacBook Air 11" 2017

Kayce Doogs

Kayce Doogs

Groupon Goods Buyer

Apple macBook 

"Lightweight, easy to use, & beautifully designed. Who doesn't love a good MacBook?"

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