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12 Romantic Gifts For Your Wife That Aren't Flowers

We've all been there: your anniversary or her birthday is fast approaching and you're racking your brain trying to come up with the perfect gift, the one that will blow her away. It's a lot of pressure to put on yourself, but don't panic, and definitely don't fall for a bunch of stereotypical lists that assume the only gifts for wives worth getting are diamonds and flowers!

To help you out, we've assembled a collection of unique and romantic gifts for your wife that prove you actually have a clue when it comes to picking out gifts for her. And while they might not fit the stereotypical ideal of a romantic gift, we promise she'll love them almost as much as she loves you.


Mr. and Mrs. Always Right Wine Glasses

It takes a lot of strength to admit when you are wrong, but if you can’t conjure up the words, just serve her a glass of wine in a cup that will do all the talking for you.

women's hiking backpack


Hiking Backpack

Is your wife a lover of the great outdoors who'd rather hit the trail than the mall? Then invest in a sturdy, high-quality hiking backpack. It'll last for ages and give you a great excuse to plan your next wilderness adventure.


Lanyard Smartphone Holder

Like nearly everyone else on the planet, your wife is constantly looking at her phone. So what better place to put a symbol of your love? The lanyard also helps to prevent accidental phone drops, and what’s not to love about a perfectly un-shattered screen?


Hung over mug

Sometimes, being a good spouse means knowing when to make an emergency morning-after burrito run. If you wake up and find her sipping from this mug, grab the keys and get ready to be the hangover hero.



What's not to love about the iPad? It's halfway between a smartphone and a laptop, and has somehow become the go-to device for just about every task, from checking and writing email, to pulling up recipes, to making video calls, and even functions as an e-reader to boot.

aromatherapy diffuser


Aromatherapy Diffuser

The aromatherapy diffuser is definitely one of the most trendy gifts for your wife in 2019, as almost everyone we know seems to have one of these on their office desk, night stand, bathroom counter, cheese-making closet, etc. Trust us when we say she'll be impressed you even knew this was a thing.


bObsweep robotic vacuum

Gift her what every woman—and every person, for that matter—really wants: the gift of never having to clean the floors again. The bObsweep robotic vacuum doesn't just suck up dirt, dust, and pet hair on its own, it also automatically returns to its charging station whenever it needs to power-up.

Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch


Michael Kors Watch

Rose gold is having a moment right now and can be seen on everything from engagement rings to iPhones, which means you'll look incredibly in the know when you surprise her with this stunning watch with a rose gold face and classic black band.

bamboo bathtub caddy racks


Bathtub Caddy

Is bathtime her "me" time? If so, make it more convenient and luxurious for her with a bathtub caddy that can safely hold her iPad, Kindle, or old-fashioned book out of harm's way. There's even a handy spot for a wineglass.


Diamond stud earrings

You really can't go wrong with a classic gift like this—the only thing you need to decide is whether to go with the yellow or white gold, or the princess or round cut stones. There are no wrong decisions, though, so try not to overthink it.

tourist couple looking at eachother over a map in Italy.


International Tour

Okay, yes, this might seem like overkill, but it's the kind of thing you two can enjoy together while making memories to last a lifetime! There's no time like the present to take her on the trip she's always dreamed of.

heating pad


Heating Pad

A heating pad might not seem like the most romantic gift for your wife, but when cramps hit, she'll be grateful for the fast relief provided by this soft, micromink pad. And really, what's more romantic than caring for your wife when she's not feeling 100?

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