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Gifts for Couples That Won't Make You Gag

When you're dating someone and it's going well, nothing throws a wrench in the mix faster than a gift-giving occasion. All of a sudden, the pressure is on and you're scrambling to find that perfect special something for your perfect special someone. Let us break it down and save you some stress with our ultimate guide to gifts for couples.

Couple getting a massage


Couples massage

The couples massage is the perfect compromise for those times when one of you wants more quality time, and the other just wants to nap. As a bonus, a lot of couples massage packages include extras like chocolates and champagne, and those fluffy robes aren't half bad either.

Couples sleeping bag


Double sleeping bag

A weekend away from civilization can be pretty romantic all on its own, but nothing beats snuggling up under the stars in a sleeping bag built for two. Of course, roughing it in the wild can also lead to its fair share of relationship spats, so it's a good thing this bag zips apart into two separate sleeping bags as well. You know, just in case.

Couple doing tandem skydiving


Tandem skydive

Nothing says, "I trust you" quite like strapping yourselves together and jumping from a moving plane. Of course, during a tandem skydive, you're really strapped to an instructor, not each other, but the sentiment—and adventurous flavor—remains.

electric toothbrushes


Electric Toothbrush Duo

Nothing says "commitment" like a pair of side-by-side electric toothbrushes, especially when they come with 14 extra brush head (that's enough to last 21 months per brush, people!) The lightweight tools also deliver 33,000 plaque-busting strokes per minute, so even if the relationship fizzles, you'll still have plenty to smile about.

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Couple together on a romantic getaway


 Romantic getaway

Whether you're the type of couple who prefers to cozy up by a roaring fire or snorkel through a coral reef together, our site is filled with travel packages that make great gifts for couples.

xbox controller


Xbox One Wireless Controller

Gifting your SO their own Xbox controller is the modern-day equivalent of giving them a key to your apartment or an empty drawer. Plus, the couple that plays Minecraft together, stays together, or at least that's what we've heard.

Hot air balloon ride at sunset


Hot air balloon ride

A champagne toast at sunset or sunrise sounds pretty darn romantic–but now picture enjoying it all from several thousand feet. A hot air balloon ride is one of those couples gift ideas that's ideal for an adventurous couple who's not quite ready to tackle the tandem skydive... yet.

Samsung Two-in-One Chargers


2-pack charger set

For the couple who can't bear to miss even a single text, this set ensures no phone goes silent due to inadequate battery life. It's also a must-have for anyone who's tired of their beau stealing their charger.


Strip Bedroom Blocks Game

Yes, everybody’s favorite tower-toppling game can now be used as foreplay thanks to this creative adaptation, which uses blocks printed with sultry suggestions that couples must act out after each turn. Plus, you’ll both be demonstrating the laws of structural engineering, and what’s sexier than that?!


Turkish cotton bathrobe

Okay, matching bathrobes might be a little cutesy, but they're also super comfy and practical, so we're willing to let it slide. Plus, this style is available in four different colors, and there's no rule that says your robes have to match. 

Couple enjoying a dance class


Dance class

Whether you're planning ahead for your first wedding dance, or just got inspired watching an old Fred and Ginger flick, dance classes are a great way to spend quality time together while learning something new. They're also a good barometer for finding out whether you work well together as a team and want to take that next step in your relationship (literally and figuratively).


Foldable silicone wine glasses

Any event can instantly become a romantic date thanks to these foldable silicone wine glasses, perfect for picnics, outdoor concerts, or even just low-key nights in your own backyard.

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