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12 Unique and Unusual Gifts You Can Buy For Literally Anyone

Gift giving can be stressful. No matter the occasion—birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, the list goes on—the pressure to deliver that one perfect gift can get very real. Finding cool and unusual gifts that are also meaningful is usually pretty difficult. So to help out the wayward gift-giver look beyond bland gift ideas, we dove into our trove of products and deals to find these: the most unique gifts on our site. They'll go a long way toward making you look like a hero, and you'll save some money, too. Win-win.

Custom bobblehead


Custom Bobblehead

A bobblehead made in someone else's image has got to be one of the most unique gifts they'll ever receive. Dress up and pose a friend, spouse, or even your pet however you want with this desk item, which is just as much a paper weight as it is a fun conversation starter.



"That's no moon! It's a spice station!" (Sorry, we had to.) But if your gift recipient yells this upon unwrapping this heavy-duty zinc alloy herb grinder, you'll know you've won the holidays.

Cooking class


Cooking Class

Let your gift recipient unleash their inner Wolfgang Puck in a cooking class. The Groupon inventory is always stocked with classes focused on cuisines and cooking styles from around the world. The best part? You can volunteer as a test audience for any food they make.


Name a star package

When it comes to out-of-this-world unique gifts, it doesn't really get better than this. While you can't gift them an actual star, you can gift them a certificate that they can use to brag to all their friends who only have highways named after them.


airpod case

At this point, hasn't everybody lost a pair of AirPods at least once in their life? These fun (and dare we say adorable) silicon cases help keep the little suckers from wandering off or getting damaged in your gym bag, and even feature a charging port cutout for extra convenience.



Looking for a unique gift with major "awww" factor? How about finally helping your loved one transfer all those old home movies and Polaroid pictures onto a digital format so they're preserved for generations to come?


smart doorbell

Admit it: you really do want to see what goes on outside your front door when you're not home.

Man enjoying race experience


Racecar Experience

Burning around a racetrack in pursuit of checkered-flag glory isn't just for the likes of Cole Trickle or Ricky Bobby. By browsing Groupon, you can find deals for your gift recipient that puts them in the driver's seat of an F1 car, NASCAR stock car, Ferrari, or other high-powered speed machines.



In the unlikely event that you know someone who doesn't yet have the hottest kitchen gadget of the last 3 years, be the person who changes meal planning for them foreverby gifting them this all-in-one steamer, slow cooker, and pressure cooker. 

Woman reading astrological Birth Charts


Astrological Birth Chart

Simply input the recipient’s birth information, then receive a 25-page personalized birth chart that’s based on the position of the planets during their birth. This is one of those unusual gifts that's best for someone close to you. Otherwise, get ready to casually ask them what hour they were born.


Bracelet flask

Some flasks are meant to be hidden away in inside coat pockets or handbags, but this one is meant to be seen. Plus, it holds up to 100mL of your favorite spirit, so we think it might double as a wrist-weight as well? At least that's what we're telling ourselves.


Printed Compression Socks

Compression socks serve a purpose, it’s true (they boost circulation to help with leg swelling), but nobody said they can’t be fun too. Wear these on your next flight and we predict you’ll be getting some unsolicited attention (the good kind) when you kick your shoes off in the TSA line.

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