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We're all familiar with the saying "the best gifts come in small packages," but our beauty editors here would argue that sometimes the very best gifts come in no package at all. We're talking about spa gifts, of course, which we feel make perfect experiential presents for the holidays. Spa gifts are not only thoughtful, relaxing, and easy to find and buy, but also never go out of style. So maybe instead of going the traditional present route, consider one of these spa gift ideas.


Hot-stone massage

Massage has a variety of potential benefits: increased blood circulation, improved flexibility, and of course, reduced tension and stress from, say, the holiday season. And in addition to feeling nice, the hot stones can further help relax tight muscles. Basically, this is a great gift for just about anyone.


Salt-cave therapy

A visit to a salt cave still makes an excellent gift for someone looking for an hour's worth of quiet contemplation. The warmth enveloping the room, the dim light shimmering off salt-licked walls, the soft music washing through it all—this is a prime destination for meditative stress relief.


European facial

The great thing about buying someone else a European facial is that it will be personalized to the individual, so you can't go wrong. A European facial includes six basic steps—cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extractions, a custom mask, and moisturizing—that are meant to leave the skin looking rejuvenated and nourished.


Flotation tank

This might be for the more advanced spa-goer on your gift list. Inside the tank, guests float effortlessly due to the high Epsom-salt content in the water. They're also encouraged to spread out their limbs, blurring the boundary between the body and its environment. Patrons frequently report that in this sensory-deprived state, physical and mental stressors seem to melt away.



Look, there's a reason just about everyone loves a mani-pedi. They're super relaxing, and you get some nice nails at the end. Plus, it's nice to sink into a comfy chair and flip through a magazine while someone else does all the work. So go ahead and confidently order this gift. 



Sure, most people are good about keeping up with regular haircuts, but how many still indulge in a visit to the salon simply to have their hair styled? Over the course of a short session, they'll have their hair perfectly coiffed into the style of their choice, be it sleek and straight or with full, voluminous curls. It's something they'll probably never buy themselves, which is why you should buy it for them. 


Straight-razor shave

Finally, some spa gifts for men! The retro barbershop has made a huge comeback in recent years, and more and more modern men are seeking out the straight-razor shave experience—complete with rich lather and hot towels—that their grandfathers once loved. Modern-day bonus: a lot of today's barbershops also serve beer and/or whiskey.


Eyelash Extensions

We all have that one friend who spends 20 minutes putting on mascara. And we all have that one other friend who's constantly complaining about her sparse lashes. Surprise them both with the perfect gift: eyelash extensions, which will give them full, long, luscious lashes without mascara or pesky eyelash curlers.



Maybe it seems a little odd to give a foot massage as a gift. But reflexology isn't just a foot massage. During the treatment, reflexologists knead precise pressure points on the feet, an ancient practice that's believed to not only relieve aching feet, but also to bring the entire body back into balance. Even better? They tend to be a little cheaper than full-body-massage gifts.


Spa day

When you really need a spa gift that impresses, nothing does the trick quite like a full day of pampering that leaves them feeling rejuvenated from the inside out. Depending on the spa, services typically include body scrubs, mani-pedis, massages, and perhaps sessions in an infrared sauna. Many spas also make the experience special with extras like chocolates and champagne.

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