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Best Christmas Gifts for Kids in 2020

Gifts for Kids

You’d think buying Christmas gifts for kids would be a simple job. After all, it’s just about waiting to see what makes them giddy with excitement the next time you visit the mall or go on an activity day with the whole family – right?

But the gifts which are ripped open with unbridled joy on December 25th could easily be at the bottom of their pile come New Year’s. Fortunately, we’ve got the answer.

As well as some of this year’s best Christmas gifts for kids, we’ll show you some ideas for making some valuable memories with your little ones, whether they’re tots, teens, or somewhere in between.



A few frames of bowling, followed by a burger, and a few hours on arcade games – what’s not to love? Enjoy some family time as you work on your throw or sit back and watch your little ten-pin ninjas show off their skills. Then cap it off with a fun family meal and some air hockey.


Building Blocks

Let their imagination run riot with the perfect Christmas gift for kids in preschool. Not only are building blocks one of the most popular construction toys, they’re also good for teaching logic, colors, and hand-eye coordination. They’ll enjoy creating all kinds of stacks and shapes – and just as much fun (if not more) as tearing it all down again once they’re done.


Museum/Tour Pass

You don’t have to be wild about science or history to enjoy a museum. It’s a great place to gather the gang and learn about the world around you. And what better way to see the sights of the city than on a guided tour? Pick up your museum and tour passes and create wonderful memories with the whole family while you learn something new.


Zoo & Park Tickets

It’s not every day the kids will get to see all the wonders of the natural world in one place. In a matter of moments, you can go from the sights of the savannah to the mysteries of the deep blue sea. A trip to the zoo has all the makings of a memorable family day out.


Pizza Night

Get the whole family together for a memorable meal with a taste of Italy. With so many great pizzerias right in your neighborhood, you’ve probably got a favorite place – but there’s so much more to discover. Whether it’s eating in the restaurant or ordering it to go, pizza night could be your next great family tradition.


Arts & Drawing Board

Encourage your kids’ creative side with a drawing board. You can pick up a version with blackboards for chalk and whiteboards for markers. Alternatively, attach the roller and put paper down – when they’re done you can honor their work with a spot on the fridge. Let their imagination run wild with this tried-and-tested Christmas gift.


Personalized Story Book

Make your child the star of their very own tale with a personalized story that’s perfect for young bookworms. Your little hero could be fighting dragons, rescuing princesses, or making new friends as they turn the pages of their story book. Make reading an even more special time for sharing with your kids.


Trampoline Park

What better way to let off some steam than to let them loose at a bounce house? Trampoline parks are wall-to-wall bouncing fun, some with special courts set up for gravity-defying games of basketball. Other themed activities include pirate ship inflatables and fun-filled obstacle courses. They’re the perfect place to get the gang together to burn off some energy.


Toy Music Mat DJ Mixer

Remember Tom Hanks sliding across piano keys on the movie Big? Kids get an updated version with this DJ Mixer mat, which allows them to compose their own music with 6 built-in music tracks and, of course, giant piano keys.


Laser Tag

Bring the epic battles home with this Laser Tag set, which includes two shooters and two vests. The shooters keep track of hit counts with vibrations and sound effects for fully interactive play.


Discovery Experiment Set

This 17-piece experiment set challenges young minds with hands-on learning. Kids get to create a volcanic eruption, excavate real gemstones, and get their slime on in the name of science.


Fashion Plates

Fashion Plates got a makeover! The classic set inspires a new generation of fashion designers with 15 plates to mix-and-match to construct the perfect outfit. The set has everything needed to get started, including crayons, colored pencils, and paper.


DIY Jewelry Set

Kids can show off their own personal style with this DIY jewelry set. It has over 500 pieces, including colorful beads, necklace clasps, and faux leather cord, for kids to create wearable bracelets and necklaces.


Unicorn Reversible Pillow

Have a unicorn-obsessed kid? They’ll love this enchanting pillow. The sequined unicorn face changes color with a swipe of the hand, making it as fun to play with as it is to cuddle.


30-Piece Train Set

This adorable 30-piece train set has a buildable track that winds around a wooded scene. It includes an engine, carriages, logs, bears, boulders, and more for countless hours of play.


Deluxe Baking Kit

Armed with recipe cards and colorful baking tools, kids can whip up and decorate an array of sweet treats. The set includes a silicone cake mold, loaf pan, baking cups, and cookie presses—all dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.