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White Elephant Gift Ideas That Work for Any Exchange

Coming up with great white elephant gift ideas is a delicate dance of tact and frugality. Striking the right balance of silliness, practicality, and cool factor with your gift is, of course, ideal—everyone wants their gift to be the one that's coveted and repeatedly stolen. But hitting even more than one element of that trifecta is difficult, especially if you're working within the constraints of a price limit for your gift. To help out, we've rounded up a selection of unique and funny christmas gifts from our deal inventory that we think would make particularly good white elephant gifts too, whether you're exchanging with friends, family, or coworkers.



Irish Lord or Lady Title

If you want to sit back and watch your white elephant gift exchange turn into a real life Game of Thrones, this is the gift for you. Whomever successfully claims this coveted gift will claim joint ownership of a parcel of land in Ireland, along with the rights to use the real title or Lord or Lady, and the coat of arms that comes with it.


Sauce Caddy

One of our favorite funny Christmas gifts for this (or any) year, this dipping sauce caddy is perfect for those who’ve yet to master a way to successfully drive and dunk at the same time. (The struggle is real).


Bidet Attachment

Let’s face it: the most 2020 gift you can give someone is the gift of never having to worry about running out of toilet paper again.


Hair Dryer Bonnet

This is one of those funny Christmas gifts that turns out to be undeniably practical. At least, to those of us who know that pain of BDAF (Blow Dryer Arm Fatigue). Designed to fit with virtually any blow dryer, it dries hair fast and frees up hands for more important tasks, such as singing “Beauty School Dropout” into a hairbrush.


Pot-Smoking Gnomes

We aren’t entirely sure whether this is one of those white elephant gift ideas that everyone will want to steal or one they’ll want to swap. But whichever it is, we can’t wait to watch it happen.


Psychic Reading

A chat with a psychic is one of those things that a lot of people are curious about, but not willing to buy for themselves. So they’ll appreciate you buying one for them! Bonus: a lot of readings can be done virtually or over the phone, making this a fun, socially-distant activity that anyone (even skeptics!) can enjoy.


DogTV Subscription

Got a friend or relative who loves to spoil their fur baby? They’ll swap like crazy to get their paws (pun intended) on this unique white elephant gift idea: a subscription to a TV channel made just for dogs, with shows designed to help stimulate pups’ curiosity and ease separation anxiety when they’re left home alone.


Personalized Face Mask

We’re guessing that face masks are going to be a hot gift for 2020, but we’re also guessing that few people are sporting masks with their own face on them. At least not yet anyway. Bring this printerpix Groupon to your white elephant gift exchange, and the lucky recipient will be able to customize their own facemasks by uploading a photo or adding text.


Their Face on a Potato

Not exchanging white elephant gifts in person this year? No worries. You can still surprise them with this prank potato, imprinted with a picture of their face, and delivered anonymously. Because why not?


Animal Face Sheet Masks

2020 is the year of self-care and these printed sheet masks—infused with skin-moisturizing serums—bring some humor to any at-home spa day. When it comes to funny Christmas gifts, they don’t get any more pampering than this.


Electric Bug Swatter

Mosquitos… you’re about to get served. This electric rackett is designed, not for returning lobs on the tennis court, but for zapping tiny pests that threaten the serenity of your outdoor gatherings.


Beer belly fanny pack

Sometimes the best white elephant gifts are the ones everybody wants, sometimes they're the ones no one wants, and sometimes they're the ones everyone's not sure if they want or not. We'll leave it up to you to decide which camp this alarmingly life-like beer belly fanny pack falls into, but regardless, we're pretty sure it will inspire some fierce gift swapping.

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