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White Elephant Gift Ideas That Work for Any Exchange

The white elephant gift exchange is a delicate dance of tact and frugality. Striking the right balance of silliness, practicality, and cool factor with your gift is, of course, ideal—everyone wants their gift to be the one that's coveted and repeatedly stolen. But hitting even more than one element of that trifecta is difficult, especially if you're working within the constraints of a price limit for your gift. To help out, we've rounded up products from our deal inventory that make great white elephant gift ideas, whether you're exchanging gifts with friends, family, or coworkers.


Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

Didn't you get the memo? The ugly Christmas sweatshirt is this year's ugly Christmas sweater. Chances are your friends and relatives haven't heard either, so bea hero and save them from a major holiday fashion faux pas by bringing this gift to your annual exchange.


Bluetooth Ear Buds with Arm Band

Part of the challenge of chosing the perfect white elephant gift is finding something that anyone would love. This ear bud and arm band set fits the bill perfectly since its practical, chic, and suits not just gym rats, but anyone who needs to go hands-free during their busy day. 


Fred and Friends Silicone Tea Infusers

We're pretty sure it's impossible to be sad when there's a smiling narwhal hanging onto the inside of your tea mug.


World Travel Scratch Map

This is a much prettier and easier way to explain all the places you've been than scrawling "BEEN HERE" on the countries on your globe.


Star Wars Ice-Cube/Dessert/Gelatin Molds

Watching Han Solo's carbonite encasement slowly melt away in your iced drink is not only more fun than doing the same with an ice cube, but it's also faithful to the plot of Return of the Jedi.


Makeup Brush set with storage pouch

A set of quality makeup brushes will last for years to come, especially when safely stored inside a vegan leather travel pouch. The 12-piece set includes every basic brush a beauty junkie is likely to need (including a contour brush), but the 24-piece set, w will really send them over the moon.


Puppy-Shaped Pillow

You really think someone in a gift exchange is gonna look at a freaking puppy and pass it up? Didn't think so.


One Acre of Land on Mars

There aren't many gifts that you can say are literally out of this world.


Shot Roulette Casino Game

I mean, nobody ever really loses when roulette's set up like this, do they?


Augumented Reality Game Controller

What looks like a simple kids' plaything is actually a device that upgrades any IOS or Android phone into an immersive gaming system, using integrated radar to simulate walking and turning around, and lending an extra air of reality to first-person shooter games.


Elephant Tea Mug

When in doubt, you can always just take the "white elephant" theme literally with this adorable mug that has a built-in tea bag holder. Of course, you might be tempted to just keep it for yourself (and we wouldn't blame you).


Beer belly fanny pack

Sometimes the best white elephant gifts are the ones everybody wants, sometimes they're the ones no one wants, and sometimes they're the ones everyone's not sure if they want or not. We'll leave it up to you to decide which camp this alarmingly life-like beer belly fanny pack falls into, but regardless, we're pretty sure it will inspire some fierce gift swapping.

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