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The Best Stocking Stuffers for 2020

Once upon a time, choosing the best stocking stuffers was pretty easy: chocolates or fruits for the good boys and girls, coal for the naughty ones. Luckily, things have changed a lot since the days when an orange was considered an exciting gift—but that also means that parents and Santas everywhere are having to up their stocking stuffer game to keep up with changing times. Below, we put together a list of the best cheap stocking stuffers and fun stocking stuffers available on our site.



Perfect for the Star Wars lover and sushi enthusiast in your life, these novelty chopsticks are surprisingly detailed replicas of the lightsabers wielded by Luke Skywalker, Kylo Ren, and Darth Vader. When it comes to finding fun stocking stuffers, we think it's hard to do better than these.



Why would you want to roll a tiny piece of jade around on your face? Proponents of the technique swears it helps to reduce puffiness and firm the skin. We can't say for sure if it works or not, but do we really need an excuse to buy a makeup tool made of jade?


Opal earring set

Sure, they aren't diamonds, but these stunning, genuine opal earrings still dazzle. Bonus: this gift is actually three gifts in one since it comes with three pairs of earrings in different colors. Give them all to one person, or split them up into separate stockings if you have multiple jewelry-lovers to shop for.


cbd gummies

CBD products are practically flying off the shelves everywhere these days. If any of your relatives give you the side-eye, just remind them that these gummies contain no THC, so they can keep their lava lamps in storage for now.


Fast Food Sauce Holder

It's a problem as old as time: how do you dunk your fries or nuggets in sauce AND steer the car at the same time? This handy dipping sauce holder frees up at least one of your hands for the task and saves your precious upholstery from spills.


Animal biters cable protectors

Virtually every one we know has dealt with a cracked or split cable, at some point, so they'll be glad to let these cheap stocking stuffers come to the rescue. Made from durable PVC, they protect the cord at its most vulnerable spot, and are designed to be compatible with both Apple and Android devices. Plus, they're like really, really cute.


Stainless steel drinking straws

Follow in the footsteps of the many corporations that are moving away from wasteful disposable straws. These stainless steel straws aren't just great for the environment, they're great for you too, since they're made of non-toxic, BPA-free materials. 


Paw print keepsake ornament kit

Sometimes, the best gifts come, not from the heart, but from the paw. This kit contains everything you need to make your own non-toxic, clay keepsake ornament featuring your furry friend's paw print, which is sure to bring a happy tear to their eye for many holidays to come.


Avocado slicer and keeper

Avocados are still the stars of the produce aisle, but if we had any compaints about our favorite fruits, it's that they can be tricky to cut up and often turn brown too fast. This handy little tool aims to fix all that, making cutting, slicing, and scooping a breeze, and also comes with a convenient storage keeper that prevents those unused avocado halves from getting slimy.


Lipstick queen trio

These best-selling lipsticks aren't what they seem. The Frog Prince shade, for example, turns a light pink when it hits the lips, while the bold, blue Hello, Sailor tube morphs into a flattering berry hue. The formulas are designed to react with skin's natural pH, meaning each set of lips will be graced with a unique color that's exactly right for their skintone.



Know someone who's getting an Instax camera for the holidays? Lucky them! Help make sure they have enough extra film to last the year (or at least until the New Year) with these fun film packs, which feature borders with different colors and designs.


Rechargable LED Beanie

Whether you're getting up early to shovel your driveway, or don't want the early sunsets to deter your nightly run, this LED beanie will ensure you stay warm and safely visible all winter long. The LED light easily unsnaps from its base, so you can recharge it using any USB-powered device after you come inside.


Wizard wand makeup brush set

Sure, muggles can't do magic, but with these wizard-themed makeup brushes they might be able to pull off look that's downright bewitching all the same. Now if only there was a spell for contouring... 



You never know when you're going to want a little nip, whether you're tailgating in subzero temperatures or standing in line for (next year's) Black Friday sales. A chic flask ensures you'll look sophisticated no matter where you opt to bust it out.