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9 Last-Minute Gift Ideas That Rule

BY: GROUPON EDITORS | 11.3.2017 |

Ecstatic woman receiving gift at holiday gathering.

Is there anything more panic-inducing around the holidays than coming up with last-minute gift ideas? The coworker you forgot, the stocking stuffers you almost forgot, the sudden realization that the matching turtlenecks you got for the whole family were a terrible idea—it can happen to anyone.

Then shipping windows close and malls are a nightmare, and even when they're not, you're limited to the same old boring nonsense as everyone else. We think there's no reason that last-minute gifts and unique gifts need to be mutually exclusive. With our list, you can click and go in seconds. Add great deals to the mix, and not only will your last-minute gift ideas be a slam dunk, they'll be budget gifts that'll make your wallet happy.


Woman entering cryotherapy chamber


This has gotta be the coolest gift on our list. (Sorry, we couldn't resist!) But this space-age treatment is great for aching athletes, chronic-headache sufferers, and anyone curious to see if the session can help with weight loss.

Find cryotherapy deals near you.


woman floating in water

Float Tank

Who doesn't know someone who would give anything for an hour during which their worries float away? You can be the one to give it to them with a float-tank session, where they'll blissfully relax as the weight of the world almost literally disappears (thanks to all the epsom salts in the water, that is). Wondering what it's like? Read our first-person float-tank account.

Find float-tank deals near you.


Zorbing ball in a field


You might think this is just for kids who want permission to run into each other at full-speed, but adults might be surprised by how much they enjoy it, too. After all, there's something undeniably satisfying about doing things that should hurt you, but thanks to a giant cushion-y hamster ball, cannot.

Find zorbing deals near you.


Man and woman drinking beer

Beer Festival

The only thing better than a beer is a beer tasting, and the only thing better than a beer tasting is a beer festival. Give the one you love the best of the best, and since most of our deals include options for two admissions, you can invite yourself along for the fun!

Find beer-festival deals near you.


students chopping vegetables during cooking class

French Cooking Class

Even the most talented home cooks can get a little intimidated by French cooking. Specialized classes will have them whipping up macarons and souffles in no time. Plus, they'll get to eat all the tasty treats they make, which is obviously the best part.

Find French-cooking-class deals near you.


Closeup of people eating korean barbecue dinner

Korean Barbecue Dinner

Taking a pal out for dinner is the tried-and-true last-minute gift, but going for Korean barbecue instead of the standard fare will make your gift stand out. The wide array of sizzling meats and the eye-popping number of sides and sauces it comes with will make it feel like a dozen gifts in one.

Find Korean-barbecue deals near you.


woman singing karaoke

Karaoke Night

Isn't the gift of song the greatest gift of all? Karaoke nights just have a way of feeling special, and belting out a duet of "A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock 'n' Roll" will ensure that your real gift is a lifelong memory. Want to know what the best songs for karaoke are? These karaoke DJs break it down.

Find karaoke deals near you.


Group on ghost tour

Ghost Tour

A love of all things spooky doesn't disappear just because Halloween is over. Ghost tours actually provide a fun mix of history and horror, making them as informative as they are creepy. Plus, isn't a little fear the gift that keeps on giving?

Find ghost-tour deals near you.


Three swimmers in mermaid swim class

Mermaid Swim Class

We dare you to name someone who doesn't wish they were a mermaid.

Find mermaid-swim-class deals near you.


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