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Long-Term Couples Activities to Keep the Romance

BY: Editors | Jan 12, 2018

Once you've been together long enough, it becomes abundantly clear what kind of couple you are when it comes to planning couples activities for Valentine's Day or your anniversary. There are those who've got it all planned out weeks in advance down to the last meticulous detail, and there are those that hate the immense pressure of planning so much they'd rather grab takeout in their PJs.

But whether your idea of romance means you want to get up and go or keep things low-key, the same law of diminishing returns applies. To help save duos from boredom, we've put together this guide of activities for couples that will actually bring you and your significant other closer.

If you've been together for 5 years . . .

You can afford to take it easy. You're both comfortable enough that you're not expecting too much—romantic activities for couples at this stage in the game usually include a quiet night in with food delivery and a box of wine. But that doesn't mean you can't still spice it up!

For the Go-Getters: Go Mini Golfing

Mini golf basically comes gift-wrapped with good-natured ribbing and flirty asides. Nothing gets couples chuckling like whacking an errant ball into a water hazard for the third time. It's the perfect opportunity to relive your first date without the awkward Q&A.

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For the Laid-Back: Try Virtual Reality

Swap your typical pizza-and-a-movie night with a trip to the world of VR. Many headsets work great with just a smartphone, so there's no need for a fancy gaming system if that's not your thing. This way, you can still enjoy the relaxation of a night-in while laughing hysterically at how goofy you both look swatting at virtual villains.

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If you've been together for 10–15 years . . .

You need to be sure you're making time for each other. After 10 years, every cell in your body has been replaced by new cells. You've got different bones and different eyelashes, so it only makes sense that your relationship will have evolved, too! Maybe even new careers and kids have been added to the mix and those 5-year shenanigans just aren't going to cut it.

For the Go-Getters: Take a Class

Sometimes making time is the hardest part, which is why classes are such perfect romantic activities. Try an art class if you want to get creative without the messy finger paints, or a cooking class if you can't remember the last time you actually sat down to a quiet meal together. Feeling really wild? Take a scuba-diving class and then start planning a trip to show off your skills!

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For the Laid-Back: Charter a Yacht

While yachting might not immediately seem low-key, when you consider that the only prepwork involved is booking the tour, it starts to make sense. Show up with a picnic lunch or bottle of champagne in tow and let the ship's crew do all the work, while you and your beau relax and reconnect. Besides, it's a lot easier to focus on each other if no one else is around.

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If you've been together 25–30 years . . .

Why are you even taking advice from us?! (Kidding!) First off, congratulations. By this point, most of these suggestions for romantic couples activities probably seem like some clown-shoes, kid-gloves, day-one stuff. You've watched the sunset on horseback together, taken just about every sightseeing tour imaginable, and cycled through all the romantic activities known to man. That's why we think you should think outside the box.

For the Go-Getters: Go Skydiving

Can anything bring a couple closer together than screaming at full volume while plummeting from 13,000 feet in the air? We doubt it. It's one of those activities you've probably been joking about doing sometime for years, so why not now?

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For the Laid-Back: Take a Hot-Air Balloon Ride

Get a view that's once-in-a-lifetime, but without the need for death-defying skills. Hot-air balloon rides will still give you a little burst of adrenaline as you glide through the sky, but it's more likely that your heart will be racing at the sight of your partner instead of the speed.

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