What's the Right Age for Crazy Hair Colors?

BY: Colleen Loggins |Sep 20, 2022

Once upon a time, it was rare to see someone with crazy hair color outside of the punk-rock scene. That's not the case nowadays. Now, it's not uncommon to see your coworker or your neighbor sporting pink, purple, and blue locks. And if you haven't seen colors like these in real life, you've probably seen cotton-candy pastels or oil slick hair on Pinterest, YouTube, or Instagram. You've definitely seen pictures of Kylie Jenner in a blue or green wig at some point.

Crazy hair color is all around us, but what happens when middle-schoolers and younger tweens want to dye their own hair a vivid color? We were curious if our customers, many of whom are parents of kids this age, felt that there should be an age requirement for this type of hair. So we polled them on Facebook, asking, "How young is too young for crazy hair color? Is there such a thing?"

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We expected them to have strong opinions on this topic. But it seems we asked the wrong question:

"The better question is how old is too old..." – Travis Lloyd

Like Travis, many respondents seemed more interested in discussing how crazy hair color looks on adults. "How old is too old, that's my question," Diana S.G. echoed. As did Gretchen L. B., who said, "How old is too old? I'm over 60 and have added a pink stripe in October for breast cancer warriors!" So what's the answer?

For the most part, Facebook commenters agreed that there's no such thing as too old for crazy colors:

"I have blue, purple and green in my hair and I am 61. I love my hair and get compliments on it all the time"Tracy S.

"I have blue, purple, peacock green and red in my short black hair. I'm 65. It's stunning and I too get compliments, tho they are usually from young people. I call that a win!" – Susan H.

"The best reaction I ever had when I had violet hair, an adult with special needs turned and saw me, and the biggest, most joyful smile came over her face ... And I'm 43. I've had other women sigh with longing at the checkout as they say,t's so beautiful! I wish I was brave enough to color my hair!' Tomorrow is not promised. So I dye my hair." – Candice R. S.

"I'm 57 this year and currently dye my hair a dark purple. It works with my skin tone and the colours I wear, so I often receive compliments on it. ... Right now, having natural hair colour makes me feel ancient. My mum's hair has now gone a beautiful silvery white and looks simply fab. When mine's got to that stage, I'll happily wear it au natural but until then, give me the dye!" – Sue Y.

But some do think older people should avoid crazy hair color:

"I think once you are over 30 years old, you really need to NOT do this to your hair. It's adorable on the kids, but I just think it looks bad on older women." – Kelly F.L.

"Never too young if it's washable. Too old is another tale." – Susan A.

"You are never too young for crazy hair color...but you may just be too old for it." – Jeanine R.

Yet they basically all agreed that there's no such thing as too young:

"My daughter is 8, and if she wanted to dye her hair, I would be OK with it. I've helped my older teenage daughter dye her hair multiple colors. It's expression, and I think kids should be free to express themselves in any way they want as long as it isn't detrimental to their well-being." – Travis W.

"From the age of 3, I'd dye my kid's hair pink or purple all the time. She loved it, it was cute AND I could always spot her in a crowd. No matter what your age, if a fun color makes you happy, go for it!" – Amelia E.

"I think it's just for fun. My tween daughters and many of her friends have experimented with different streaks of color several times in the last year." – Sarah S.

Others didn't care about age, but did express different concerns about crazy color:

"If it's done well, it can be cute. However, I have seen some really terrible looking hair. It takes maintenance, especially after a few weeks when it fades, and some people don't want to put the money out to take care of it." – Nancy B.L.

"It's beautiful, but expensive to keep up properly. I'd do it for my kid for a special occasion, but if they wanted it all the time, there would have to be [an] allowance or something to offset the costs. It's not a matter of age, just the upkeep, responsibility, and managing their money." – Danyel R.

"I worry about safety more than age. If you are using clean products, I think it's all in good fun." – Kimberly C.

How to Experiment with Hair Color Without the Commitment

If you or your child is interested in having purple, pink, green, or blue locks, but share similar concerns about the upkeep, price, or safety, try these hair-color methods instead:

Clip-in hair extensions

This is the easiest way to try fun fashion hair colors—simply clip colorful hair extensions under your natural hair and go.


Did you know that you can temporarily color your hair with eye shadow? Just pop out a tin from a palette and run it over sectioned-off pieces of hair, or apply loose pigment down sections of hair using your forefinger and thumb. Hairstylist Juliet Lamm commented on our Facebook post that you can also use your lip gloss to temporarily color hair.

Hair chalk

Chalk can give you rainbow colors that last for a few days, and many love to experiment with it. "If [you're] too scared to go whole hog, there is hair color chalk that washes off in the next shampoo. I'm 66 and do it all the time," Cristina F. said. But as Renate M.B. cautioned, "Keep the hair chalk away from the young ones, though, or they will express themselves all over the furniture."

How do you feel about wearing crazy hair colors at any age? Let us know in the comments: