12 Cute Small Tattoos Girls Will Want to Get Right Now

BY: Groupon Editors |Jul 31, 2017

If you're looking for ideas for cute small tattoos, the internet is a great place to get a little inspiration. Minimal tattoos for girls have emerged as a hot trend in body art, as celebrity social-media feeds have become studded with tiny designs of stars, hearts, and letters resembling alphabet soup. Since getting one is easier than removing a tattoo, it's important that your piece transcends the trends and says something unique about you.

Below are our 12 picks for cute small tattoos that can fulfill your burgeoning dreams of ink while adding a touch of personal style. These little works of art are ideal inspiration if you're testing the tattoo waters or adding unexpected detail to an existing body of work. Take a peek at these tattoos for women (or men!) and, when you're ready to make a commitment click our banner below to find tattoo deals in your area:

1. Go with Your Glyph

Inked in New York City at West 4 Tattoo

What it means: Derived from the Greek language, the word glyph refers to a graphic symbol that resembles characters instead of letters. Because of their clean lines and seeming simplicity, they make great for minimal tattoo ideas.

Why it's hot: Glyphs are customizable and can be as personal (or mysterious) as you want them to be. They can stand on their own or add a stylized element to organic or floral designs.

How you can make it your own: Choose a glyph that serves as a motivational symbol or a reminder as to where you've been. The tattoo above means "transcend." @krystal_blazer says: "[It] was inspired by creating a daily visual reminder that I'm capable of exceeding my limits in life."

2. Be Your Own Butterfly

Inked in Kadıköy district of Istanbul, Turkey, by Ayhan Karadağ

What it means: It's a butterfly, so themes of regeneration, rebirth, and change all take flight. For this piece, Karadağ mixed shades of dark reds with light oranges in the wings to represent the harmony of good and bad. "There are six white lines on each wing, which illuminate the darkness," he says.

Why it's hot: Our hearts are fluttering at the cute placement of this piece on the inside of the wrist. The slightest move can reveal a piece of watercolor artistry.

How you can make it your own: Add unexpected design elements to this traditional symbol. A closer look at this piece reveals that the middle of the tattoo—which would usually be the butterfly's body—is actually a human silhouette.

3. Get a Helix Fix

Inked in Plainfield, IL, at Constable Tattoo Parlor

What it means: According to The Old Farmer's Almanac, the lavender flower symbolizes devotion and virtue. Tattoo artist Kyle Berg—who inked this piece—says it also represents peace and tranquility.

Why it's hot: Trend-savvy tattoo-ees take note: this style is called a Helix tattoo. These designs can appear on either the inner or outer part of the ear. "For these types of helix tattoos, the pain level is relatively low, which makes them even more desirable and easy to get," Berg says.

How you can make it your own: Choose a herb, flower, or plant with a meaning or energy you want to channel. For example, a minimal aloe leaf can signify healing, protection, and affection, while a fern leaf can symbolize sincerity.

4. Fly Like a...

Inked in Bontoon, NJ, at Bearded Dragon Tattoos Studio

What it means: The symbolism of feathers spans far and wide. In addition to having ties to Native American cultures, they also embody broader themes of freedom, bravery, and transcendence.

Why it's hot: The organic texture of a feather makes for beautiful body art. Tattoo artist Sharon (aka Lady Luck) says she's seeing a lot of smaller tattoos requested on the wrist, hip, triceps and ankles, but likes the sneaky reveal of this plume at the base of the neck.

How you can make it your own: Choose a feather that will help your spirit soar. Owl feathers represent silence, speed, and vision, while dove feathers promote peace, love, and gentleness.

5. Sprout It Out

Inked in Kadıköy district of Istanbul, Turkey, by Ayhan Karadağ

What it means: A sprout tattoo's lean, vertical design is a blooming complement to any part of the back. Here, Karadağ uses a flowy script to create the stem, accenting it with floral softness.

Why it's hot: Karadağ's watercolor shading technique leaves a dreamy quality, while the flow of the script gives the tattoo linear elegance.

How you can make it your own: Scale back the size of your sprout. Add a tiny bloom between the blades of your shoulder, or ditch the script and go au natural instead.

6. Reach for the Stars

Inked in Cartagena, Colombia, at Jhon Blanco Art

What it means: One of the oldest symbols across cultures and religions, stars are viewed as a guiding force, a protection from darkness, and a symbol of infinite beauty.

Why it's hot: In 2015, teeny-tiny stars became a tattoo craze, and they continue to be popular in 2017. In the above piece, a trail of stars winds up the curve of the digit—a constant reminder that the power of the universe is at your fingertips.

How you can make it your own: Get one to symbolize a particular goal you've reached or an accomplished you've achieved. Place them on a part of your body that was integral to achieving that goal.

7. Write Your Own Script

Inked in Paris, France, at Désolée Papa Tattoo Shop & Beauty Store

What it means: Both elegant and irreverent, this stunning script tattoo reads "Minute Papillon," a French idiom that means, "Slow down! Wait a second! Be patient!" Paris-based artist Eva Edelstein hand writes all of her typographic creations for clients before transforming them into minimal tattoo artistry.

Why it's hot: Edelstein says she has a lot of demand for this type of tattoo, sometimes for quotes or personal words, like first names. For those who like to make their whereabouts less known, script tattoos can inconspicuously hide down the inner curve of an arm or along the middle of the chest.

How you can make it your own: Choose a name. Choose a quote. We think you got this.

8. Get a Helix Fix 2.0

Inked in Gold Coast, Australia, by tattoo artist Minkooa

What it means: Sweet pea flowers symbolize delicate or blissful pleasure. They can be especially popular in tattoo designs thanks to their color palette that varies among bright blues, pinks, purples, and reds.

Why it's hot: Helix tattoos are not only trending for their intricate, delicate designs. We love the organic flow of the flower, which creeps up the lower base of the ear before curving and blooming up top.

How you can make it your own: Pick a spot on your ear that makes your Helix tattoo stand out from the trends. Consider getting a permanent tattoo ear cuff or lining the outer ring of your ear in delicate ivy tangles.

9. Do Black and White Right

Inked in Paris, France, at Désolée Papa Tattoo Shop & Beauty Store

What it means: The color of a rose determines its meaning, but this one ditches convention in favor blooming black ink. To us, it means you have really good taste.

Why it's hot This chic piece has Paris written all over it. The sharp, elegant lines exemplify minimalist mastery; plus, black and white never goes out of style.

How you can make it your own: Ditch the flora for fauna instead. Use this black and white line technique to design an animal du jour: a flamingo, a peacock, a fox, a bear.

10. Have a Vision

Inked in Kadıköy district of Istanbul, Turkey, by Ayhan Karadağ

What it means Karadağ posted this peek-a-boo piece with a caption that read, Eyes of Minnos. When translated from Turkish, minnos literally means little darling. In this case, that little darling is the face of a cat.

Why it's hot: White highlights in the eyes give this kitty's eyes a glass shine while the light pink nose provides a photo-realistic pop.

How you can make it your own: Let the eyes of your own spirit animal be the window to your soul. Not ready to commit to a chest piece? Considering placing the eyes on the back of your upper shoulder.

11. Go Crazy for Kawaii

Inked in Los Angeles, CA, at Ouro Boros Tattoos

What it means: In the context of Japanese culture, kawaii means cute and this maki roll delivers on all aspects.

Why it's hot: Less minimal and more playful in its design, this style of tattoo allows men or women to elevate the notion of "you are what you eat" to a whole new level. Plus, who doesn't like a touch of Kawaii in their life?

How you can make it your own: The good thing about kawaii tattoos is that you can turn any inanimate object into just about anything smiley. Express your love for your vegetarian lifestyle with a cutesy radish.

12. Flash Your Fingers

Inked in Gold Coast, Australia, by tattoo artist Minkooa

What it means: Notoriously cunning and sly, rabbits are also revered as the animal of the moon in many cultures. In other words, they're nocturnal pranksters.

Why it's hot: Fingers were one of the first places where minimal tattoos first appeared. This design puts a playful spin on traditional stars, hearts, and letters. And while the finger is one of the most sensitive areas to get a tattoo, the design is small enough that it can be finished quickly with minimal cringing, Minkooa says.

How you can make it your own: The best part about finger tattoos is that they are so tiny, you can mix and match objects to create your own story. Tuck a subtle swirl on the side of your ring finger or tiny globe on the inside of your palm to show that the world is in your hands.