Denver Cars Need Regular Washes in Drier Climate

BY: Groupon Guide |Jul 14, 2015
Denver Cars Need Regular Washes in Drier Climate

In Denver, car-wash facilities are crucial for keeping the dirt off of vehicles. The Mile High City is famous for its 300-plus days of sunshine per year, but less so for averaging just 8–15 inches of precipitation. That calls to mind clear blue skies, snow-capped mountain peaks, and … grimy automobiles. Nobody’s claiming rain should replace a car wash, but without the occasional shower, the dirt that accumulates from daily commutes, overnight parking, and rides through the mountains can wear on a vehicle’s paint and parts, lessening its monetary value.

Express Tunnels and Hand Washes

The benefits of express wash tunnels include accessible hours, low prices, and quick service. At a facility like Waterworks, you can get a wash with high-pressure water and soap. Hand washes are more time consuming, but thoroughly important for those difficult-to-reach areas. People with high-end cars often prefer hand washes because microfiber mitts can be gentler than machines and provide a smoother, customizable wash.

Underbody and Tires

The underbody is the least visible part of the car’s exterior, and for that reason it might be the most neglected. It’s no less important because it’s fertile grounds for rust, oil, and road salt that can damage much more than the cosmetic appeal. At The Glo in Arvada, car washes can come with an underbody flush as well as wheel cleaning and tire shines for the parts that suffer most from regular contact with the ground.

Waxes and Protectants

Car washes usually consist of products that not only remove dirt, but also enhance and prolong the vehicle’s gloss. Clear-coat protectants, rainbow waxes, triple-foam cleaners, and full-body sealants trap the shine in and form a protective layer that can last months. In Denver, cars can go to 4 Seasons, which offers paint protection with additions such as Rain-X that improve visibility by turning moisture into cohesive beads that trickle quickly off the windshield and out of sight.