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Diamond Color Chart

BY: Editorial Staff | Sep 2, 2015

Diamond Color Chart

If you’re new to buying diamonds, you might be surprised to see “color” as a stone’s characteristic. Although most diamonds might appear transparent to the untrained eye, there are actually minute differences that have a big impact on their appearance and value.

As little color as possible is ideal when it comes to diamonds. The term color is actually indicative of a diamond’s lack of color. In the above diamond color chart, the diamond color grades indicate how white the diamond is. Z is the lowest color grade, and indicates the diamond will have noticeable color. D is the highest possible color grade, and indicates the diamond is absolutely colorless.

Diamond Color Chart Key

D–F: Absolutely colorless

G–H: Nearly colorless

I–J: White in color

K–M: Somewhat noticeable very faint yellow in color

N–R: Noticeable faint yellow in color

S–Z: Noticeable light yellow in color

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