The Best Dinner-And-A-Show Deals For A Unique Date Night

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Old films tend to over-romanticize dates. You know the scene. The couple is beautifully dressed, galavanting hand-in-hand while a beautiful score plays in the background. These dates may put our modern Netflix and takeout to shame, but it's not that romance is dead, it just can be expensive. Hitting the town may be pricier than in 1940, but that doesn't mean your relationship and bank account should suffer. We've compiled a list of some unique dinner and a show deals and how to prepare for each evening.

More than movie night

Watch a flick and have dinner all in one place. The ultimate date night package is a modern spin on the traditional "dinner and a movie." But with this deal, the extra large popcorn won't set you back. Go wild. You deserve all the snacks and drinks that your heart desires.

What to expect: comfy recliner seats, trays for your food and drinks, fantastic surround sound

What to bring: nothing food wise (leave your "movie purse" at home), hand sanitizer in case your hands get buttery mid-film, comfortable clothing to kick back and relax in

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Booze and food cruise

Pretend you're Jack and Rose for the night with a dinner cruise (minus, you know, tragedy). Get spectacular views of your city combined with the tranquility of being on the water. Most dinner cruises offer unlimited buffets and free-flowing drinks all night. Ask another couple friend to join and enjoy an evening unmoored.

What to expect: historical background, stunning views, lots of champagne

What to bring: motion sickness pills just in case you get seasick, sunglasses and/or a hat to shield the sun, light jacket or sweater in case it gets chilly after dark

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Drag, drinks, and dinner

Looking for a night you'll never forget? Spend your evening with sassy impersonators for a performance of a lifetime. See all your favorite pseudo-divas like Tina Turner, Lady Gaga, Cher, Beyonce, Dolly Parton, and many more. Trust us, these ladies sure know how to entertain.

What to expect: catchy pop songs from all decades, mixed drinks, fantastic makeup skills and over-the-top wardrobe selections

What to bring: a fully charged phone to snap photos, a big appetite, your singing voice

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Murder mystery meal

Want to be a detective for the night? Enjoy food, drinks, and crime solving with a murder mystery dinner. Who knows, you might even be the culprit...or the victim. Dust off your dress-up clothes and start cracking: the murder isn't going to solve itself.

What to expect: loads of debauchery, interaction with strangers, thematic costumes

What to bring: a good attitude, a slightly memorized character description, your best accent/impersonation

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