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Drink of the Month: Redrum Mojito Slushy at Artusi

Jul 25, 2014
Drink of the Month: Redrum Mojito Slushy at ArtusiOur Take: Who says summer drinks have to be sickly sweet? Certainly not the bartenders at Artusi—their slushy, crimson-hued take on a mojito stays sophisticated and balanced, thanks to a heavy dose of Campari. The bitter Italian aperitivo—a creative edition to the classic rum, lime, and mint cocktail—almost overwhelms the other flavors…almost. But that’s where the icy character of the drink goes from gimicky to genius, helping numb the tongue to the Campari’s intensity. You can thank the rich Smith & Cross rum too; it warms the rest of the flavors, tearing some of the emphasis away from the bitter roots. The result: fruity and spicy, with the perfect amount of bite. Try it with: Artusi’s roasted beets antipasti dish, which features raspberries, yogurt, and hazelnuts. Our Make-at-Home Version: Slushy machines are great, but a blender works just fine for an at-home version of this drink. To make, mix two parts rum (preferably Smith & Cross) to one part Campari or Aperol. Add a handful of mint, a squeeze of lime, and blend with ice. Taste right after blending and then tailor with more mint, lime, or spirit to your personal preference. Pour into a chilled glass and make a beeline to the nearest hammock.