The Best Fall Fashion Keeps You Feeling Warm—and Looking Hot

BY: Editorial Staff |Oct 22, 2018

Just because your primary goal might be to keep warm, doesn't mean that in fall, fashion goes out the window. Still, it can be tough to stay warm and look cute at the same time. So we've put together three outfits that do just that—and some mix and match separates to help you create your own look.

Hot and Toasty Ensembles

Working It on the Weekend

This outfit is cute enough for brunch, yet cozy enough for a day in with Netflix.


Sizzling Date Night

Whether your hitting the town with someone special or going on a long-needed outing with the girls, you'll be all set to dance all night long. Best of all, this dress has pockets—enough said.


Cozy and Cute Athleisure

Just because you're about to get sweaty (or comfy), doesn't mean you can't still look cute.




Ready to create your own looks? Start with these pieces.



Shop all jeans.

Denim never, ever goes out of style. Skinny jeans have an extra perk besides still being trendy: their tight fit keeps body heat close. Also check out boxy cropped styles for a different look.

From left to right:


Shop all leggings.

Is wearing leggings instead of actual pants a women's fall fashion don't? Does it even matter when they look this cute? Best of all, you can layer them for extra warmth. Pro tip: fleece-lined leggings keep your look on point—and keep your stems warm.

From left to right:


Shop all jeggings.

A portmanteau of "jeans" and "leggings," jeggings are still a thing—and great for when it turns colder. They're more structured than leggings, so they're also more slimming, and ours feature eye-catching details, such as moto pleats and crocheted hemlines.

From left to right:


Blouses and Tunics
Shop all tops

A flowy top keeps proportions on point when paired with skinny jeans or leggings. They'll even work with wider-leg bottoms if tucked in or belted.

From left to right:


Shop all dresses.

Midi dresses are great to pair with leggings as the base for a warm, yet super-cute outfit.

From left to right:


Shop all cardigans

Never underestimate the visual pop of a well-chosen knit cardigan. Our favorites are loose and flowy, like the ones pictured above, especially in bright and jewel tones.

From left to right:


Shop all hoodies

For a more casual look, hoodies perform double duty, keeping your head warm as well. Floral prints give the standard gray sweatshirt a more updated look, while sherpa lining is definitely on trend.

From left to right:


Shop jackets and coats

Finish off your outfit with a bold (and warm) statement piece. Top casual outfits with an anorak jacket for a relaxed, cool weekend vibe or stay stylish with a warm coat in a striking color.

From left to right:


Hats, Scarves and Wraps
Shop hats |Shop scarves and wraps

One of the best parts about fall fashion is all the cozy accessories that can be used to upgrade a simple outfit. Up the ante by taking a basic outfit and enhancing it with a knitted hat or blanket scarf—and hide the fact that you haven't had time to do your hair.

From left to right:

Shop shoes

Real fashion-forward women love to say that the right pair of shoes can make an outfit. And the best part of fall fashion is the boots. But even indoors, you can opt for a snazzy pair of slippers.

Clockwise from top left:

And don't forget the bag. A well-chosen purse can tie a whole look together.
Shop crossbody bags |Shop satchels |Shop totes

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