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9 Family Gift Ideas to Help Save the Holidays

BY: Editors | Nov 9, 2017

You're probably expected to buy gifts for everyone in your family this holiday season. However, buying individual presents is one of those holiday traditions that can add major stress to the season. That's why you should consider buying one gift that the whole family will like. These family gift ideas will help you find that perfect present.

Family Photo Collage

Create a collage of the entire family using custom canvas prints. Pick photos that show off each person's personality, and try using ones that you took so it's more of a surprise.

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Tickets to a Show

Some of the best family gifts are ones that they would never buy for themselves, and tickets to a musical, play, or dance performance probably fall into that category.

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Alexa-Enabled Bluetooth Speaker

The whole family will have fun telling Alexa what to do and then watching her execute those tasks, whether that's playing music or adding a shopping list. And don't worry. You can always add a pin number to prevent the kids from buying whatever they want.

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Spikeball Set

Once an obscure lawn game from the 1980s, Spikeball became nationally known in 2015 after appearing on ABC's Shark Tank. The family-friendly game—part volleyball, part foursquare—is now played by more than 1 million people across the country.

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HelloFresh Family Box Meals

Give the gift of nutritionally balanced, tasty meals in the form of fig-dressed pork tenderloin or perhaps grilled-cheese tacos. All of the ingredients are delivered right to front doors, making this a particularly great gift for busy families.

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Indoor Water Park Excursion

Water parks bring out the kid in everyone, so they're great for all ages. But indoor water parks are especially great because they're warm year-round, which means they're a perfect gift for families who live in colder climes and for families with temperature-sensitive small children.

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Blackstone Outdoor Griddle Cooking Station

You know what the worst thing about cooking pancakes or grilled cheese for a group is? Batch cooking. But with such a large cooking-surface area, the griddle lets families to whip up enough food for everyone—all at the same time.

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NFL Tailgate Bags Set

This is one of those no-brainer family gift ideas because it's great for everyone in the family, from the little kids to the (inebriated) adults.

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Theater Popcorn Machine

Think of how nice this vintage-style popcorn machine would look in your favorite family's home-theater area or finished basement. It pops more than enough popcorn to feed the family, up to four quarts (or 16 cups).

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