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Favin’s Five Favorite Health and Beauty Deals in DC

BY: Favin the Maven | Feb 19, 2014
Favin’s Five Favorite Health and Beauty Deals in DCSome of DC’s best spa treatments are also adventures that dunk you into an ice bath or let tiny fish nibble on your toes.
Spend Half a Day (Literally) in the Pools at Spa World
You get 12 hours of spa access with the day passes here, and you’ll need all of them—the bade pool alone is a nine-step process that begins with a water curtain and ends in a massaging jet stream. There’s also an ice bath and a dry sauna. Bring a friend and practice your synchronized-swimming moves.
Dip Your Feet in an Aquarium at Yvonne's Day Spa
Well, here’s something I never thought I’d say: go to this spa, dunk your feet in an aquarium, and let tiny tropical fish nibble dead skin off your feet. (I promise it won’t hurt—the fish are actually toothless.) A complete mani-pedi comes with the fish exfoliation.
IPL Facial Treatments at Mountcastle Plastic Surgery & Vein Institute
The only mark I ever want on my face is maybe some leftover frosting from my afternoon cupcake. These IPL facial treatments help get rid of most anything else, including sun damage, blemishes, and rosacea, thanks to pulsed light that helps even out skin tone.
Get Wined (But Not Dined) at Edge Salon & Spa
Edge combines two of my favorite places: the salon and the bar. When you arrive at this spot full of white furniture and crystal chandeliers, the stylists pour you a free glass of wine before performing a lavender mani-pedi and soothing tension with a orange-blossom aromatherapy massage.
Laser Hair Removal at DC Derm Docs
This is the kind of place you can recommend to all your friends—its hair-removal laser is designed to work on all skin types. Also, the clinic reports up to 80% hair loss after five treatments. Lucky for you, this deal is for six.
Favin the Maven
BY: Favin the Maven