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Favin’s Five Favorite Health and Beauty Deals in Los Angeles

BY: Favin the Maven | Feb 19, 2014
Favin’s Five Favorite Health and Beauty Deals in Los AngelesIn LA, get a mani-pedi at a spa that appeared in Legally Blonde 2, then get a Thai massage at Sparadise, a spa decorated with orchids and candles.
A Mani-Pedi Worthy of Elle Woods at Amadeus Spa
It’d be awesome if getting a mani-pedi in your PJs was a thing, but here they greet you with a soft robe and slippers, which is basically just as good. As you relax, you might start to think you’ve been to this spa before. You’re not delirious—the spa has appeared in several movies, including Legally Blonde 2.
A Smarter Suntan at Darque Tan
Darque Tan has 20 different tanning beds, plus Mystic Tan and VersaSpa spray-tanning booths. If you ever feel intimidated by all the options, the staff here can help you out—they’re all certified by the International Smart Tan Network, and they can create a custom tanning plan for you based on your skin type.
Infrared Body Wraps at Sun Spa
Burning calories and smoothing out your cellulite—all while lying down—sounds like a dream come true. Sun Spa’s infrared body wrap claims to do even more. The heat allegedly boosts metabolism for up to 36 hours, and the warmth can help soothe stiff joints and menstrual cramps.
Take a Day-Trip to Thailand at Sparadise
Sparadise is on Hollywood Boulevard, but the exotic touches—Thai statues, orchids, glowing candles—will make you feel like you’re on vacation. The therapists also blend in some Thai massage stretches to help increase flexibility. It’s kind of like doing yoga, but with an assistant to help you with the hard parts!
Massages and Facials at Chandra Retreat
Sometimes when I set foot in a spa, I want to stay forever. At Chandra Retreat, though, it wouldn’t be all my fault. The luxurious treatment rooms there make you want to linger, with luxe fabric curtains and hanging lanterns that cast a romantic amber glow. With this deal, you can stop by for a massage, a facial with microderm, or both.
Favin the Maven
BY: Favin the Maven