Use Our Foodie Culture Map to Find Out What Your City is Eating

BY: Groupon Editors |Mar 31, 2017

Virtually every city can be considered a great "food city". People know Chicago for its pizza and hot dogs, Austin for its top-notch barbecue, and New York for... well, pretty much any type of food you're looking for.

But beyond these iconic foods, we wondered: what is the foodie culture really like in these cities? When natives are dining out, what types of places do they frequent the most? What city is just crazy for sushi? Where is brunch king?

In honor of this year's Taste of Groupon campaign, we really wanted to find out. So we mapped the cities that spent the most per capita on Groupons for different cuisines over the past six months. The results were deliciously surprising.

A few observations we made from our data:

  • Everybody loves Italian food, especially foodies in Boston.
  • Think Texans are big into barbecue? Think again! Austin foodies prefered dining out at wine bars over any other style of restaurant, while foodies in Orange County, California are the ones gobbling up slow-smoked barbecue.
  • The top sushi city? Chicago—the American city that's about as far from the ocean as you can get. When it comes to fresh seafood, though, diners in Fort Lauderdale know they have a good thing going.
  • Houston diners rise (somewhat) early to get to their favorite meal: brunch.
  • Mexican food is the favorite of Denver diners looking to warm up after a day on the slopes.
  • But the foodies we truly envy are those in San Jose, who know that when it comes to fine dining, nothing beats a good old-fashioned donut. Nothing.