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The Best Frozen Yogurt Toppings, Say These Fro-Yo Fans

BY: Andy Seifert | Sep 29, 2017

If there's one thing that separates frozen yogurt from ice cream, it's customization. Not only can you mix and match flavors at a fro-yo store, you can mix and match the toppings, too. And the frozen yogurt toppings list is extensive: S'mores! Honey! Pineapple! Butterscotch! Everlasting Gobstoppers! (Ok, that last one is not available at most fro-yo stores).

Sometimes all those options can be downright overwhelming, so we asked our Facebook followers: what are the best frozen yogurt toppings? We wanted to know which toppings were always delicious, plus what frozen yogurt to pair them with. Dozens of our followers responded, and we've posted many of their answer below. Enjoy!

See the original Facebook post and join the discussion here.

Vanilla Wafers

Several people chose the versatile Vanilla wafer, which manages to be both a little chewy and a little crunchy. These would go with pretty much any flavor of frozen yogurt, even the fruity flavors that you wouldn't necessarily think it would complement.

Pair it with: Vanilla, chocolate, or cheesecake

Our fans said:

  • "My favorite frozen yogurt topping is crushed vanilla wafers and strawberries because it adds a fresh sweetness and texture, makes it taste like strawberry shortcake!" – Mary M.S.
  • "I prefer crushed Nilla Wafers with my Cake Batter Yogurt. It tastes like a pie without a lot of ingredients or mess." – Cassy B.D.

Fresh Fruit...but Especially Strawberries

The healthiest choice of fro yo toppings! Our fans loved the sweet-but-not-too-sweet fruits available at most fro yo stores, but especially highlighted strawberries. If you're partial to the red berries, avoid using it on cookies and cream, red velvet, or coffee.

Pair it with: Coconut, cheesecake, or peach

Our fans said:

  • "OMG bananas and strawberries, they mix so sweetly together and make the yogurt deliciously smooth and wonderful." – Beth R.

  • "Fresh fruit–strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries. And almonds!" – Sandra Wampfler Quinn-Allwein
  • "Any fruit, because it has all the sweet of the sugar, but isn't as bad." – Adriana A.


Granola might be the most-popular topping on non-frozen yogurt, and its oaty, nutty flavors are a hit with fro yo, too. But avoid using it on cookies and cream or salted caramel, since those pairings would be too sweet.

Pair it with: Banana, orange, or cherry

Our fans said:

  • "Really good granola with mini chocolate chips! Crunchy, sweet goodness with the creamy yogurt. Yummy!" – Margaret S.
  • "Blueberries and granola. Love the crunchiness of the granola with the sweetness of the berries and cold yogurt." – Jamie G.


Nothing makes your fro-yo look like a candy-colored treat like gummies, and our Facebook fans love to load them on. Look for tart flavors to pair with gummies, but honestly, they could go well with anything.

Pair it with: Pineapple, mango, or pomegranate

Our fans said:

  • "Mini gummi bears! Perfect topping size, chewy, and colorful!" – Dee G.F.
  • "No matter what toppings I pick, from chocolate chips to gummy bears, yogurt is yummy in my tummy." – Amalia T.

Chocolate & Chocolatey Treats

It's no surprise many of our fans dig chocolate, and they love it in many forms: chocolate syrup, Reese's cups, chocolate chips, hot fudge, and Hershey's chocolate shell. For these toppings, you'll want to stick to the creamier fro-yo flavors.

Pair it with: Salted caramel, vanilla, or cheesecake

Our fans said:

  • "Reese's cups chopped up on frozen chocolate yogurt" – Brandi D.
  • "Wet walnuts over hot fudge on chocolate fro yo–the hot with the cold and crunch–oh my!" – Angela C.B.

The random choices

We had a lot of one-off responses, too. These suggestions reminded us that no matter what frozen yogurt toppings you choose, the important thing is to trust your own tastebuds.

Our fans said:

  • "Coconut because it's the lightest so it costs less!" – Martha O.B.
  • "Popping boba! Tastes fabulous, and doesn't overpower the flavor of the yogurt!" – Carrie A.C.
  • "My favorite is marshmallow cream #micdrop." – Tiffany J.
  • "Mango Pearls! No contest!" – Judy F.
  • "No topping. Want to taste the yogurt and nothing more." – Shamiran R.