What to Buy the Decorator in Your Life

Nov 7, 2014
What to Buy the Decorator in Your LifeYou know your friend’s a decorator because they take pride in their living space—and it’s brimming with personality. Even though their mix of colors, furniture, and embellishments seems unique, it probably fits within a popular design aesthetic (or two). Knowing which style they like may make it easier to shop for them this holiday season. We’ve curated a list of current design styles below. After you’ve identified your loved one's style, read on for gift ideas that will feel right at home with their existing decor. Look 1: Contemporary and Midcentury Modern decorator-gift-guide_midcentry_600c529 How to spot it: Midcentury and modern designs are most easily identified by their clean angular lines and soft curves. If this is your friend’s taste, their living space is probably uncluttered and features bold furniture in distinctive shapes, such as an arc floor lamp or a boxy armchair. You’ll also probably note contemporary design trends in their home, such as chevron stripes, Danish- and midcentury-inspired furniture, and fuzzy flokati throw blankets. In addition, many modern spaces sport pops of color against a neutral backdrop (think a vivid throw pillow on a neutral-colored couch), as well as metallic accents, such as chrome chair legs or a brass objet d’art on the coffee table. If this is your friend’s design style, gift them with:
  1. These modern display storage shelves. Their streamlined geometrical design is right out of the midcentury-modern playbook, and the neutral tones of white and dark brown will fit in with a more colorful contemporary home.
  2. A glass-blowing class. So they can make their own modernistic ornament or paperweight.
  3. A Dyson bladeless fan. Its sleek and sculptural design and innovative technology will feel right at home in a modern or contemporary setting.
deal widget shelving 329c305 deal widget glassblowing 329c305 deal widget fan 329c305
Modern Display Storage Shelves Glass-Blowing Class Dyson Bladeless Fan
deal-banner_furniture_600c66 Look 2: Craftsman and Scandinavian decorator-gift-guide_craftsman_600c482 How to spot it: These two design styles are known for simple, timeless, built-to-last pieces. If this is your friend’s vibe, you might spy a built-in hutch in their living room or a simple wooden table without any carvings or frills in their dining room. It’s a warm look balanced by a largely monochromatic color scheme, usually in shades of white, blue, or gray. In keeping with their turn-of-the-century roots, craftsman styles sometimes layer tones of olive or lilac, while few Scandinavian-style homes are truly finished without a hint of a Marimekko-inspired pattern. If this is your friend’s design style, gift them with:
  1. An Amaryllis bulb in a decorative pot. The bulb blossoms in the winter months, and its oversize petals and bright green stalk balance warmer pieces in the decor with a touch of lightness.
  2. A wooden rocking chair. The piece's mahogany finish will complement the decor, and its soothing function adds a relaxing element.
  3. Wood cleaner. The gentle cleanser will work on any of their treasured wooden pieces, protecting them and adding a soft, cozy gleam.
deal widget amaryllis 329c305 deal widget rocking chair 329c305 deal widget woodcleaner 329c305
Amaryllis Bulbs with Decorative Pots Mahogany-Finish Wooden Rocking Chair Method Squirt and Mop Wood Cleaner
deal-banner_home&garden_600c66 Look 3: Country and Shabby Chic decorator-gift-guide_country_600c477 How to spot it: Shabby-chic and country decorators love the look of heirloom furniture, especially pieces that are slightly worn or covered in antiqued paint. Their furniture tells a story, as do the meaningful knickknacks that pop up on bookshelves and coffee tables. Shades of cream and ivory reign supreme, with shabby-chic spaces incorporating dusty pastels and country designs accenting with bright barn-red or navy-blue hues. Chances are that in either style home there’s a soft, oversized couch that’s easy to sink into. You'll also probably notice a mishmash of patterns scattered about—think upholstery, accent pillows, and throw blankets, each in a different pattern, but all in the same general color scheme. If this is your friend’s design style, gift them with:
  1. A quilting class. That way they can mix every pattern they like on one blanket or pillow.
  2. A woven cotton throw. The cozy patterns mix well with both aesthetics while adding literal warmth to a room.
  3. A glass-top jewelry box. Its dark wooden drawers and see-through glass top add a delicate accent to nightstands or dressers.
deal widget quilting 329c305 deal widget woven throw 329c305 deal widget jewelry box 329c305
Quilting Class Woven Cotton Throw Glass-Top Jewelry Box
deal-banner_decor_600c66 Look 4: Blanket Fort decorator gift-guide_fort_600c299 How to spot it: Friends who prefer the blanket-fort aesthetic prize comfort above all else—well, comfort, darkness, and privacy. You’ll know your friend has a blanket fort style if they don’t own any tables or chairs, balance a plate on their knees when it’s time to eat, and keep a spare spool of twine handy at all times in case a blanket starts to slip. Chances are extremely good that your friend digs the blanket-fort style if you first met them at a childhood sleepover 26 years ago and they never moved out of the fort after you went home in the morning. If this is your friend’s design style, give them:
  1. A headlamp flashlight. For reading at any hour.
  2. Removable wall decals. So they can redecorate after the walls have gone through the laundry.
  3. Classes on blanket-fort upkeep and maintenance. We don’t have any available now … but we'll update this list as soon as we do.
deal widget headlamp 329c305 deal widget wall decal 329c305
Headlamp flashlight Removable Wall Decals
gg-hibernation-occasion_600c66 Illustrations by Jess Duff, Groupon

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