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10 Gifts for Sisters That Are Great for Bonding & Embarrassing

BY: SHANNON GRILLI | 9.25.2017 |

Whether your sister is the person who knows you best or just the person who best understands how to get on your nerves, there's no denying that finding great gifts for sisters can be challenging. After all, you've been exchanging presents your whole lives, and you're bound to run out of unique ideas eventually. To help, we put together this list of sister gifts that includes all sorts of unique options you might not have thought of. We guarantee she'll like them better than that pair of hand-me-down overalls.

Swedish Massage (prices vary)

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If you're the type who's always telling your sister she needs to relax, consider booking her a massage to help her unwind. Swedish massage is a great option for those who might be new to massage, and focuses on general relaxation, rather than untangling knots.

Fitbit Charge 2 Fitness Wristband (starting at $139.99)

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Whether your sister is super into fitness, technology, or accessorizing, the Fitbit fitness wristband foots the bill. Besides looking super stylish, the Fitbit will help her monitor her steps and heart rate, count calories burned, and even check the quality of her sleep.

Mr. Beer American Lager Craft Beer Brewing Kit ($34.99)

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If your sister loves a good craft brew, encourage her to brew her very own with this 5-piece home brewing kit. It contains everything she needs (except the bottles) to brew two gallons of beer, which she can give away as holiday gifts or save for a future tailgating party. If the hobby takes off, you can gift her a custom growler in the future.

Paint Nite (prices vary)

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If your sister enjoyed doing paint-by-numbers as a kid, she'll love attending a paint nite class, where a seasoned instructor will guide her step-by-step through the creation of a painting. You could even sign up with her to turn it into a fun evening of sisterly bonding. Bonus: most events are BYOB.

World's Okayest Sister Coffee Mug ($13.99)

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Does this one really need explaining? We didn't think so.

Health + Ancestry Report from Vitagene DNA Testing ($89)

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Is your sis still smarting from all those times you tried to convince her she was adopted? Make it up to her by gifting her this DNA testing kit. In addition to providing her with insights into her ancestry, it can also evaluate her DNA to provide health and lifestyle advice based on her unique genetic makeup.

Roller Skating Outing (prices vary)

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Relive one of your favorite childhood pastimes by dragging (do you really have to drag her?) your sister to open skate at the local roller rink. This may be one of our more unique gift ideas for a sister, but we promise you'll both have a great time cruising round the rink or holding hands to keep from falling down.

Bella 1.8L Electric Ceramic Tea Kettle ($115)

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There are a lot of electric tea kettles on the market, but the chic chevron pattern on this Bella model stands out. Whether your sis is super into tea or pour-over coffee, this kettle will boil water faster than a stove-top kettle or even the microwave, saving her precious minutes in the morning.

3-Piece Big Middle Little Sister Heart Keychain ($25.95)

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Have multiple sisters to shop for? Get all your gifts for sisters in one fell swoop with this 3-piece keychain set that will be sure to tug at your siblings' heart strings, no matter how old they are.

Lotus Flower Yoga/Beach Blanket (from $14.99)

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Even if your sister doesn't go yoga now, she'll be tempted to take it up just to use this vibrant lotus flower blanket. If she fails to find her inner self, she can always use it as a chic beach blanket or even as a small statement rug inside her home.