Brake for a Massage at the Crossroads of America

BY: Groupon Guide |Jun 30, 2015
Brake for a Massage at the Crossroads of America

Although the city's culture has been tied to the road since its founding, there's still one big reason to pause in Indianapolis: massage. Sure, you can get your adrenaline fix at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and you can get your history fix at the Indiana World War Memorial Plaza, but when you're ready to refuel the only place to head is an Indianapolis spa. Since the city sits at the nation's crossroads, massage therapists in Indianapolis have had the opportunity to learn and perfect techniques from across the country, from Swedish styles to aromatherapy. So check out our list of the city's most indulgent, stylish, and restorative places to start unwinding.

1. Matt Winings, Massage Therapist


Years spent in the corporate world taught Matt Winings the meaning of stress. Today, he takes that understanding and uses it to give harried office workers the relaxation they need at hours they can fit into their schedule. But those aren't the only reasons CityVoter named him 2014's Best Massage Therapist. His signature massage draws together both therapeutic and stress-relieving techniques while paying close attention to each client's individual needs.

2. On-Site Massage Solutions

Fountain Square

While it’s great to go to a spa for a massage, sometimes just leaving the house can be an ordeal. That's why the therapists from On-Site Massage Solutions treat their clients in the place most convenient and comfortable for them, toting their tables and accoutrements directly to homes and offices. There, they can perform a quick fix with a chair massage or overhaul backs with full-body Swedish and reflexology massages.

3. Mango Bay Spa & Salon

St Vincent - Greenbriar

A day at the spa can feel like a vacation, so it's no wonder Mango Bay's massages have names that recall world travel. The Commuter Flight, for instance, whisks clients to a state of relaxation with a circulation-boosting Swedish treatment, while the Deep Sea Dive delves further into tightly wound muscles to address chronic pain. And, for the umbrella in the metaphoric piña colada, beach-inspired facials and body treatments rejuvenate exteriors.

4. Studio 2000 Salon & Day Spa


Studio 2000 Salon & Day Spa sits on the second floor of the Circle Tower and still carries the art-deco aura of the barbershop that once occupied its place. Hammered metal detailing on the furniture complements silver inlaid ziggurats on the black tile walls, allowing robed guests to find old-school inspiration with their relaxation. The massage sessions are decidedly modern, however, with the therapist’s ministrations aided by hot stones, lavender oil, and scalp treatments.

5. Massage Indy


Couples' massages might be the bread and butter of Massage Indy—after all, it has five rooms devoted to the service—but for one of their newest offerings, these massage therapists have flipped the script. The four-handed massage is just what it sounds like: two therapists work on one client lying on a heated table for an intensely relaxing massage session.

6. Broad Ripple Massage Practice

Broad Ripple

When customers book a massage at most studios, trying to determine whether they want Swedish, deep-tissue, or another modality sometimes only adds to their stress. At Broad Ripple, however, customers only have to say the word “massage,” and the therapists draw from as many techniques as necessary—from deep-tissue to accupressure and aromatherapy—to bring the client back to balance.

7. Healing Arts Indy


Yes, Healing Arts Indy has 10 massage therapists on staff to ease away any client's particular aches and pains. But massage isn't the only way visitors here can find peace of mind. Yoga classes help bring clients balance, an on-site therapist can uncover the roots of stress and tension, an art gallery gives minds a path to new plateaus, and a book club can help visitors connect to one another.