7 Hairstyles for Dirty Hair That Can Be Done in 5 Minutes

BY: Colleen Loggins |Jul 3, 2019

Is your hair currently about 75% dry shampoo? Do people compliment you on your "new hairstyle" whenever you wash your hair? Are you obsessed with preserving your salon hair color for as long as possible? If you fall into any of these categories (or if you just don't know how to wash your hair properly), you're probably living that dirty-hair lifestyle. And that means you need to know how to disguise your oily roots with hairstyles for dirty hair.

Sure, you could scrape your hair back into a basic pony, throw on a hat, or convince your boss that all of the best companies now work without any office lights. But those tricks get old. Luckily, we found some Instagrammers sporting perfect hairstyles for dirty hair days. The absolute best part? Their looks can be created in five minutes or less, making them great for days when you're feeling extra lazy but still want to look cute.


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Dutch-Braid Pigtails

Wear it: to a pool party, ski-chalet weekend, or sporting event

Create it: Do a reverse french braid, or dutch braid, on each side by crossing the two outside strands under the middle strand (french braids cross the outside strands over the middle).

Hack it: Use styling paste or sea-salt spray to give your hair more grip and keep layers in check.

Double Buns

Wear it: to a boat outing, camping trip, or fitness class

Create it: Make high pigtails and tease the ends to add volume, then coil each pigtail into a bun. Secure with bobby pins.

Hack it: Dress it up with cute hair accessories or colorful hair chalk.


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Dutch Crown Braid

Wear it: to a wedding, beach day, or afternoon of wine tastings

Create it: Copy this braiding video to see how our editor Amelia does a crown braid in less than two minutes.

Hack it: Fake a crown braid by creating braided pigtails (three-strand braid is fine) and pinning them on top of the head. Tuck one under the other to make it look seamless. 


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Half Top Knot

Wear it: to a festival or, if you forgo the eyebrow jewels, work

Create it: Section off the top of your hair and form a high ponytail. Add an elastic, but leave the ends out. Twist the ends around the base of the pony and secure with pins. Tease the sides of your hair if you like messy volume.

Hack it: Use a small clear hair elastic to make a teeny-tiny half top knot on a short bob.

Side Fishtail

Wear it: to a party, bridal or baby shower, or dinner outing

Create it: Once again, our braids video shows how to create the look in less than a minute.

Hack it: Pancake your braid to add fatness by gently pulling the strands loose. Don't pull too hard or you'll undo your work.

Side Pony with Micro French Braid

Wear it: to a coffee date, Sunday funday, or backyard barbecue

Create it: Weave a small french braid, then pull your hair off to one side (below your ear) and add a ponytail holder. Take a chunk of hair from the pony and wrap it around the ponytail holder to hide it. Fasten with bobby pins.

Hack it: Add some clip-in extensions if you have fine hair and are worried that leaving a chunk of it out of your pony will make your pony look too thin.


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Decked-Out Pony

Wear it: to a concert, Instagram-worthy vacation, or holiday party

Create it: Clip in your extensions, create a low pony, and wrap a chunk of hair around the elastic. Add a metallic hairpin or a ponytail holder with a metal bar on top of that, then crisscross a leather string along the length of the pony.

Hack it: Raid your local craft store for cheap pony-enhancers like leather string and gold wire.

These hairstyles for oily hair are especially helpful if you decide to stop shampooing entirely. See how two of our writers handled a month of oily roots during their no-shampoo experiment.