Can’t Get "Hamilton" Tickets? Try These Musical Alternatives

BY: Allison Shoemaker |Jun 6, 2016

Musical Alternatives to Hamilton Tickets Hero

There’s a reason Hamilton tickets are sold out through the heat death of the universe: it’s amazing. Luckily, there are other great musicals on the Great White Way. And since there’s also plenty of Broadway musicals on tour, you may not even have to travel far to see them. Here are our picks for shows that offer similar delights to Hamilton:  

Want Great Music with a Side of History?

Musical Alternatives to Hamilton Tickets Motown

Motown the Musical • On Broadway; Nederlander Theatre (Summer 2016)

Hamilton is a musical about history. Motown is a musical about the history of music. Peering in the doors and through the studio windows of Hitsville U.S.A., Motown features some of the biggest names in music history, including Smokey Robinson, the Supremes, the Temptations, and the Jackson 5, singing the unforgettable songs that made them famous. It’s a look at the evolution of a sound that influenced countless composers and musicians—including the originators of the hip-hop that suffuses the story of the ten-dollar founding father.

Want The Continental Fun of Thomas Jefferson’s “What’d I Miss?”

Musical Alternatives to Hamilton Tickets American in Paris

An American in Paris Palace Theatre

OK, so An American in Paris is a very different show, but one of Hamilton’s most jubilant numbers is Thomas Jefferson’s ragtime introduction after he returns from his own stint in France. While An American in Paris doesn’t have Daveed Diggs, it does have a similarly jazzy sound, plenty of joyous dance moves, loads of continental flair, and as you might guess, an American in Paris. Added bonus: no less than four of its performers racked up Tony nominations for the show (Daveed got one, too).

Want a Musical About a Real Person?

Musical Alternatives to Hamilton Tickets On Your Feet

On Your Feet! Majestic Theatre

Alexander Hamilton was many things, but as far as we know, he never got millions of people to do the conga. On Your Feet! tells the story of Gloria and Emilio Estefan, from their first meeting (when Gloria was a teenager) to her triumphant comeback after a devastating tour bus accident. Like Hamilton, this is the story of an immigrant who came to America to find a better life—and ended up transforming their new home country in the process.

Want to See the Stars of Future Broadway Sensations?

Musical Alternatives to Hamilton Tickets Matilda

Matilda: The Musical • On Tour

Hamilton has made superstars of Leslie Odom Jr., Daveed Diggs, Phillipa Soo, and especially creator Lin Manuel-Miranda. So where can you catch the next big things when they’re still pint-sized? No better place than Matilda, which features a powerhouse cast of youngsters who just might star in Broadway’s next Hamilton (or the current Hamilton in 20 years, when you’ll finally be able to get a ticket).