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Handpicked Treasures from Etsy’s Editor in Chief

BY: Jasmine Feldmann | Apr 12, 2013
Handpicked Treasures from Etsy’s Editor in ChiefThere are a lot of things that inspire me: old Hollywood movies, decor from exotic locales, taxidermy—as long as it doesn’t have creepy eyes. But one of my biggest inspirations, both personally and professionally, has been my older sister Alison. Of course, for her, helping others find inspiration is a full-time job. As editor in chief of Etsy, she’s in charge of spotting and highlighting trends for Etsy’s blog, as well as presenting work from DIYers across the globe. Here, she gave me a sneak peek into her work, her favorite New York–based artisans, and how Etsy played a part in one of the biggest days of her life.   Jasmine: You’ve always had an eye for style. What sorts of things do you have the most luck buying on Etsy? Alison: I buy all kinds of things on Etsy, but my favorite things to search for are original artwork, jewelry (lots and lots of jewelry), and vintage folk art. J: What local New York shops do you like or always find yourself perusing? A: I love Etsy stuff from all over the globe, but here are a few New York–based favorites: I'm a huge fan of Maeven, which always has killer vintage clothing and bags. This year, I bought my first Christmas ornaments from Schemata. She hand-paints glass ornaments in the most gorgeous abstract patterns. I am desperately in love with Sian's custom pet portraits. Designer Leah Goren does incredible things with illustration. I love this little cup. J: You got married last fall. How much of your wedding planning did you do on Etsy? What did you end up buying? A: Oooh, I did a lot of wedding stuff on Etsy! If I couldn't find something out in the wild, I'd have someone make it for me. Case in point: I found a photo of an Odd Fellows symbol (a hand and a heart). It had sold for thousands of dollars, so I had a ceramicist on Etsy make a pottery version for a cake topper. After much searching for a golden laurel-leaf crown, I wore a vintage German wedding tiara from Etsy. Our guestbook was actually an old ship’s log, to guide us as we undertake this new voyage together. (It also had whales and ships inside. So that too.) J: Do you think your creativity stemmed from not being Mom’s favorite? A: [no answer]  
Guide Staff Writer
BY: Jasmine Feldmann
Guide Staff Writer