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Classes and Hobbies for Women You Can Gift Your Mom on Mother's Day

BY: DAN DELAGRANGE | 4.21.2017 |

Contrary to what you might think, your mom actually enjoys doing things besides being a mom. And while it's nice to give her some flowers and maybe a homemade breakfast for Mother's Day, going outside the box and giving her the experience of doing an activity she'll love can make for a more thoughtful and unique gift. Based on the kind of woman your mom is, we've put together some classes and hobbies for women that'll make her "me time" all the more special.

If she loves making things with her hands...

Try shaping clay at a pottery class.

Do you have fond childhood memories of you and your mom sharing a table and making stuff with Play-Doh? Then a pottery class would be a great pick. Learning to work a pottery wheel, glaze and paint her creations, and decorate her home with things she's made herself can stoke your mom's creative flame.

If she loves to make people laugh...

Try writing and telling jokes at a comedy class.

Everyone knows about the comedic power (or its groan-inducing ability) of the dad joke. But if your mom's the one in the family who gets everyone laughing, get her to a comedy class. Writing her own material and working in an open, supportive environment with classmates will let her flex her comedic muscles. Many theaters and websites offer classes everything from standup to improv to writing for TV and the internet.

If she loves being active...

Try stretching it out a yoga class.

Have her try out yoga. It's one of the more popular hobby ideas for women, but with good reason. There are tons of different varieties out there—from Bikram yoga's focus on posing in heated rooms to Yin yoga's zenlike atmosphere—so no matter your mom's athletic preferences or experience, there's bound to be one that fits her personality. Yoga's also the perfect way for a mom to get away from the stresses of, you know, being a mom all the time.

If she loves checking out Instagram...

Try framing and snapping during a photography class.

If you've got a mom who loves scrolling through her feed's photos and applying filters to her own, sign her up for a photography class. It's an obvious and easy transition from snapping shots on her smartphone, and it'll give her a more rewarding, hands-on experience with the frames and portraits she creates.

If she loves the arts...

Try finding just the right color at a BYOB painting class.

Have her check out a BYOB painting course. This will let her spend quality time with some friends (or you!) while giving her the chance to unleash her inner Picasso or Kahlo. It'll also give her the gift of being able to decorate her fridge with her own artwork for once. Oh, and there'll be wine. The wine is pretty important.

If she loves adventure...

Try taking the plunge with a scuba class.

Try out a scuba class with her; it might not seem like a typical "mom" activity, but that's the point! Not all hobbies for women and moms need to be tame or set inside a traditional classroom.

If she loves being a foodie...

Try unleashing her inner Iron Chef in a cooking class.

Let her pick out a cooking class to take. Yes, for many moms, cooking for their kids and families is part of the whole mom deal. But it doesn't have to be something done out of necessity or within a tired routine. Taking classes for things like rolling sushi, making macarons, and brewing coffee can serve as refreshing hobby ideas for women over 50 after years of cooking simply to fill tables full of hungry kids.