Top 10 List of Hobbies for Women Based on What You Like

BY: Groupon Editors |Apr 21, 2017

As kids, we're given the opportunity to explore interests and cultivate hobbies. As adults, we often get bogged down by work and stress and forget to make time for ourselves. If you're feeling in a life rut, consider taking up a new hobby. We've compiled a top ten list of hobbies for women, based on what you already like.

If you love using your hands...

1. Try shaping clay at a pottery class.

Are you good with your hands? Learn to work a pottery wheel, glaze, and paint your creations. Stroke your creative flame and watch as your misshapen bowls become more refined and unique to your personal style.


2. Sign up for a cooking class.

You may have your family recipes down to a science, but cooking doesn't have to be something done out of necessity or within a tired routine. Taking classes for things like rolling sushi, making macaroons, and brewing coffee can remind you to have fun in the kitchen...and it doesn't hurt that you get to eat what you make.

If you love to perform...

3. Try writing and telling jokes at a comedy class.

Everyone knows about the power of comedy. If you're the kind of person who gets everyone laughing, sign up for a comedy class. Writing your own material and working in an open, supportive environment with classmates will let you flex your comedic muscles. Many theaters and websites offer classes everything from stand-up to improv to writing for TV and the internet.


4. Take up an instrument.

Perhaps you played the piano when you were a kid, but unless you kept it up, odds are you barely remember the basic keys. Tap into your artistic side with music lessons.

If you love being active...

5. Try stretching it out a yoga class.

Yoga is one of the more popular hobby ideas for women, but with good reason. There are tons of different varieties out there—from Bikram yoga's focus on posing in heated rooms to Yin yoga's zen-like atmosphere—so no matter your athletic preferences or experience, there's bound to be one that fits your personality. Yoga's also the perfect way to get away from the stresses of, you know, existing.


6. Dance your worries away with zumba.

When's the last time you went out dancing? Dust off those 'ol moves in a high-energy zumba class, which can be so much fun it doesn't even feel like exercising. Recruit a friend to join you if you're feeling a little shy.

If you love the arts...

7. Try framing and snapping during a photography class.

Do you love scrolling through your Instagram feed's photos and applying filters to your own pics? Sharpen those social media skills with a photography class. It's an obvious and easy transition from snapping shots on your smartphone, and it'll give you rewarding, hands-on experience with frames and portraits.


8. Try finding just the right color at a BYOB painting class.

Check out a BYOB painting course. This will let you spend quality time with some friends or family while giving you the chance to unleash your inner Picasso or Kahlo. Oh, and there'll be wine. The wine is pretty important.

If you love adventure...

9. Try taking the plunge with a scuba class.

Knock something off your bucket list, like a scuba diving. It may seem a little out there, but pushing yourself could be really rewarding.


10. Learn the ropes in climbing class.

You'd be surprised at how capable your body really is, and rock climbing is the best way to find out. Stick with it to see how each time you get closer and closer to the top. And when you do? No better feeling, you'll be hooked.

This article was originally written by Dan Delagrange and published in 2017. It has since been updated by our editors.

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