How Much Does it Cost to Rent A Limo? (& Other FAQs)

BY: Groupon Editors |Aug 31, 2022

Limos can add a little luxurious touch to a special event, be it a wedding, prom, or your 7-year-old nephew's birthday party. But if you're not regularly riding in one, you might not be familiar with how a limo service works. Most notably, you might ask yourself, "how much does it cost to rent a limo?" and wonder if you can afford it. And, you might not know when or how much to tip. Click one of the links below to find answers to these and other frequently asked limousine-related questions:

How much does it cost to rent a limo?

How much a limo will cost will vary, depending on the type of limo, the number of hours you plan on using it, and the number of stops. The prices listed below reflect what you might pay if you don't have a deal—you can find deals on our site that'll get you a luxury sedan for as low as $20 per hour and a small limo for as low as $50 an hour.

Type of Limo Number of
Cost per Hour
Luxury sedan 3–4 $40–$70 + tip
Small limo 6–8 $60–$80 + tip
Large limo
9–12 $75–$130 + tip
Stretch limo up to 20 $100–$250 + tip
Stretch Hummer up to 20 $100–$300 + tip

Note that, in addition to tips, there can also be extra fees, including service charges, cleaning charges, and for whether or not you want the bar stocked.

Where can I find limo deals near me?

Want to find limos or chauffeured drivers at prices lower than those ranges above? Click one of the following boxes to find limo deals near you:

How much should I tip the limo driver?

To figure out how much to tip limo drivers, simply add 15–20% of the limo rental cost. Limo drivers depend on gratuities to make a living, so even if the service is kinda meh, tip at least 10%. That said, call ahead to see if a gratuity is automatically added to your bill.

What is there to do inside a limo?

Well, you can do whatever you want! (Except open the door and dramatically escape—don't do that.) Here are few popular things to do in a limo:

  • Have a drink–assuming you're of age and you've arranged this with the service.
  • Play video games. Some limos have Xbox and/or Playstation set up for your entertainment.
  • Watch movies. If your limo has TVs inside, make sure to take advantage of them.
  • Play music. Your chauffeur should be happy to play whatever you want.
  • Relax. Maybe you just finished a long flight or the ceremony to your wedding (congrats!). In those cases, the limo can be a place to unwind.

How dark is the limo's tint?

Well, this will vary from service to service. But it's worth noting that, for many auto-care companies, 5% window tint is also known as "limo tint." In other words, only 5% of visible light passes through those windows. Expect your limo's window tint to be pretty dark for privacy.

What is a limo driver called?

A limo driver is often called a "chauffeur." But you can call your chauffeur by his or her name; for instance, "Steve."