How to Dress Like Edith in “American Hustle”

BY: KELLY MACDOWELL | 2.26.2014 |

How to Dress Like Edith in “American Hustle”It’s not just Amy Adams’s Oscar-nominated performance that steals scenes—it’s also her character’s glam wardrobe.

For all intents and purposes, Amy Adams plays two characters in American Hustle. First, she’s Sydney Prosser, a former stripper slinking around a pool party in a crochet swimsuit. It’s there she meets con man Irving Rosenfeld (played by Christian Bale), who, thanks to a closet of forgotten treasures at his dry-cleaning store, transforms her into a big-haired glampot.

To help Irving with his loan schemes, Sydney invents a new identity as English heiress Lady Edith Greensley, the faux-British Bonnie to Irving’s Clyde. As Edith, she successfully swindles money from countless men, charming them in a series of necklines that plunge nearly to her navel. Her signature look is a bit much for everyday affairs, but we couldn’t resist attempting a (slightly) subtler take on her '70s style.

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The Look

Though it bears a striking resemblance to the Halston gowns popular during the era, this halter-topped piece—whose neckline is more modest than anything Edith wore—is actually a wide-leg jumpsuit. Edith preferred full furs, but this neutral-toned coat with a faux-fur collar is a bit less ostentatious. A pinkish-nude lip pulls the look together, and reading Sarah Lyall’s lighthearted memoir about assimilating to English culture just might help you get into character.

1. Carter pleated halter jumpsuit; Alice and Olivia ($495)

2. Brass disc and bowl necklace with onyx by Cities in Dust; Penelope’s ($95)

3. Nelaura pumps; Schutz ($240)

4. Willow sunglasses; Francesca’s ($14)

5. Brown faux-flap satchel; Piper Boutique ($62)

6. Cream faux-fur collar jacket; River Island ($90)

7. Silky-Finish Lipstick in Skinny Dip; Benefit Cosmetics ($18)

8. The Anglo Files: A Field Guide to the British by Sarah Lyall; The Book Cellar ($15.95)

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