How to French-Braid Your Hair in 90 Seconds or Less

BY: Jorie Larsen |Jun 10, 2014

A french braid is an optical illusion of sorts—it looks like it requires a lot of effort, but if you know what you’re doing, it only takes about 90 seconds. One surprising tip: ditch the comb. When I was little, my mom used a comb to meticulously french-braid my hair before school, and it would take at least 10 minutes. Instead, follow these steps, practice the proper finger placement, and before long you’ll find yourself cruising through this 'do. Video: Jorie Larsen, Groupon haircare-deals-banner_600c66 Ready to advance to the next level? Try the braided crown updo.

the braided updo two ways a video tutorial
The Braided Updo, Two Ways: A Video Tutorial One is a fun twist on the messy bun, and the other turns your hair into a french-braided headband.