How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes: A Guide to Yard Sprays, Repellents & More

BY: Groupon Editors |Jul 27, 2017

You've mowed the lawn, prepped the grill, and even upgraded your bamboo skewers. Your backyard is in pristine condition for a cookout—except for one thing: all those pesky, annoying mosquitoes.

Luckily, there are actions you can take to prevent these insects from ruining your day. Behold, our picks for 9 ways for how to get rid of mosquitoes:

1. Hire Mosquito Control

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Perhaps the most comprehensive way to get rid of mosquitoes is to hire a professional team to mosquito-proof your yard. These pest-control companies vary in their methods, but they typically include use a mosquito yard spray or a fog that should neutralize the mosquito population (including its larvae) for several weeks. Many use EPA-approved chemicals, and some offer all-natural options, but be sure to study each treatment beforehand.

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  • Minneapolis: $99 for two half-acre spraying sessions from SeasonGreen Turf ($200 value)
  • Nashville: $39 for one-time mosquito control treatment from Sovereign Pest Control ($205 value)
  • Denver: $39 for the repel+plus treatment from Mosquito Authority ($89 value)
  • Charlotte: $65 for two half-acre EPA-approved barrier sprays from Mosquito Troop ($129.98 value)

2. Essential Oils as Mosquito Repellent

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Maybe you've used essential oils as part of your aromatherapy to find a little relaxation, but some are especially potent mosquito repellents as well. In particular, grapefruit, citronella, and lemongrass have been known to fend off bugs when you apply it to your skin.

3. LED Mosquito Zapper

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The old-school method of a bug zapper works too, but these days, many zappers have been upgraded to use an LED light. These tend to produce a UV glow that hits a frequency that's especially attractive to mosquitoes.

4. Mosquito Repellent Bracelets

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Some swear that a DEET-free bracelet is the best mosquito repellent, and it's certainly one of the simplest. Just put on these wristbands—often emitting the scent of citronella, peppermint, and geranium—and bugs will keep their distance.

5. Mosquito Traps

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Not too different from bug zappers, traps also tend to attract mosquitoes via UV light, fan, or carbon dioxide. But instead of zapping the bugs and letting them fall to the ground, a trap will usually collect the mosquitoes within a compartment, making for easy clean up.

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6. Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellers

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We've touched on solutions that use light and scent, but what about sound? If that's the direction you want to go in, try ultrasonic mosquito repellers, which emit soundwaves (undetectable to humans or pets) that drive away bugs and other pests.

7. Mosquito Electric Fly Swatter

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For the person who wants to make eliminating the mosquitoes a kind of game, there's the electric fly swatter. Simply press a button to activate the swatter, and you'll zap any bug trying to pester you.

8. Mosquito Repellent Patch

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Just slap on a repellent patch to your skin (or a piece of outdoor furniture or your tent) and it'll start pumping out eucalyptus and other oils to drive away the bugs.

9. Tiki Torch with Citronella

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If you're wondering how to get rid of mosquitoes and complement your cookout with illumination, use tiki torches. These bamboo or metal sticks often come with a canister filled with citronella. When lit, they can provide a physical barrier between you and the mosquitoes. And if you have a large backyard, you can use the torches to light a path from your deck to your bonfire.