How to Pack Necklaces In a Suitcase Without Tangling Them

BY: Jorie Larsen |

It’s no secret: traveling with necklaces is a pain—more often than not, they become a pretzeled mess by the time the plane touches down. Fortunately, we have a travel hack that’ll show you how to pack necklaces so they don’t wind up a frustrating heap of knotted chains. You’ll need one straw per necklace and some type of bag to hold your jewelry while it travels in your luggage. Watch the video below to learn the steps to properly packing necklaces so you can spend your vacation digging for buried treasure instead of untangling your own.

Video: Andy Seifert, Groupon. Demonstration: Jorie Larsen, Groupon.


Guide Staff Writer
BY: Jorie Larsen
Guide Staff Writer