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I Went to Meyvn’s Grand Opening Just to See What People Would Wear

BY: Jonathon Schaff | May 2, 2014
I Went to Meyvn’s Grand Opening Just to See What People Would WearLast night marked the grand opening reception of Meyvn (2627 N. Kedzie Ave.), an upscale menswear store pinched between Longman & Eagle and the Logan Square roundabout. The shop’s spare, wood-everywhere aesthetic allows its international inventory to shine. Cobalt blue Dutch windbreakers share the space with antique Japanese textiles and French-made cable-knit varsity sweaters—it might all be a bit overwhelming if the store weren’t so wonderfully curated. I stopped by, camera in hand, to grab some snapshots of what was sure to be a stylish welcome wagon. The crowd did not disappoint. i-went-to-mevyns-grand-opening-just-to-see-what-people-would-wear_joe_600c810 Joe Anhalt, 24, web marketer Some people double-loop their infinity scarves, but Joe shows off the true grandeur of infinity. He lets his looping scarf hang low, a taupe river coursing through the hardscrabble gray and slate country of his ensemble. i-went-to-mevyns-grand-opening-just-to-see-what-people-would-wear_taiwo_600c730 Taiwo Oladipo, 28, sports agent Unlike actual salmon, salmon-colored apparel doesn’t need to swim upstream. Or something. What I’m trying to say is, Taiwo is wearing salmon-colored pants. They really pop next to his mixed-textile boots. i-went-to-mevyns-grand-opening-just-to-see-what-people-would-wear_ryan_600c855 Ryan Beshel, 31, fashion and media personality The lapels on Ryan’s coat, worn over his two-toned cardigan, create the illusion of a three-piece suit. It’s a stellar not-so-formal formal look for a tall guy, especially with wingtips. i-went-to-mevyns-grand-opening-just-to-see-what-people-would-wear_justin_600c800 Justin Rodriguez, 26, menswear designer I’m a straight-billed hat guy myself. It works like a charm here in tandem with the leather letterman jacket. An untucked oxford balances out the jock vibe. i-went-to-mevyns-grand-opening-just-to-see-what-people-would-wear_luke_600c840 Luke Morrison, 29, visual-effects artist The lone clasped top coat button that lets his Cosby sweater show through. His throwback, laser-tag-approved '90s tennies. The backup bottle of beer in his pocket (because two is better than one). The details make this outfit. Photos: Jonathon Schaff, Groupon